AI Submissions

This appears to be the same post as what was recently posted to the Wishlist topic:

I posted a reply there, but will reiterate here:

I could not reproduce this issue.

When I scroll down through the long list of events on Android, and choose an Event to view that is some 50 to 60 events down the list, the event plays.

When I select the down carrot in the upper left or use the Android Swipe Left - Back a Page feature, it returns me to the exact point where I left in the event list…the Event video I just selected. It does not return me to the beginning of the list.

Another thing I do to cut down on the length of the Events list so there isn’t so much scrolling is I use the filters to isolate specific cams and I always filter out motion only events that do not have AI tags. That way, the bugs and birds and trees are not seen. The video I posted shows them, but I turned them back on just to get enough events on my list to scroll thru