AI Labels Cobwebs as Person

My back porch V3 camera keeps getting motion events due to cobwebs, yes I keep wiping them down. But, the AI always labels them as a person and their shape is nothing like a person. Is this ever going to be fixed or am I just going to have to turn off any event recording labels?

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After I wipe mine down, I also spray some bug repellent on it (and wipe the lens clean afterward). Haven’t had cobwebs recur yet and it’s been weeks.

My V3 rarely detects cobwebs or insects as Person. It might have better detection than a V2 due to its better night vision.

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I meant to say V3 camera and corrected my post. I think it’s where I have this camera sitting but I might have to try some bug spray, even though I hate having poison sprayed on my back porch. I have another V3 connected to the Wyze Floodlight, which is extended to under an eave and every so often a spider makes a web there and the camera records motion events too. I remember once having at least 30 events recorded due to a web moving in the air. When I’m home I can take care of it but when I’m away for a few weeks, it becomes a real pain.

Cobwebs are definitely an issue that throws off the AI, I have 7 v3’s outside and I used them all with black and white night vision for the longest time and cobwebs , rain drops , moths , etc would always trigger the AI and label it as a person

I noticed that these events all all small and round , and that kinda makes the AI think it’s a person bc of the round shape.

I use all of my v3s with the spotlight accessory and have some that are in the same field of view as a light so now all of my v3s use color night vision and still those events false trigger the AI.

I still don’t know how the wyze AI determines what a person is ? I know eufy uses a shape of a body to identify a person but I’m not sure how wyze AI determines what a person is? Is it the pixel change or a body shape ? I’m still looking for an answer

I’ve just submitted the correct feedback and hope no spiders or insects attack my cameras bc I don’t have time to pull the ladder out and wipe the spider webs or spray any repellent :unamused:

Insects wouldn’t be a big deal if the AI actually labeled the recording as an insect, which mine have never done. I’ve been submitting the correct label to Wyze for years now and it’s not gotten better. I think they really need to double down on the AI or remove so many different labels for it. And yes, rain drops are a real pain too.


I bought this “natural/organic” bug spray, but it’s probably poison still. I also have an exterminator come spray the perimeter every few months (had an ant problem) so that probably helps too.

I don’t see Insects as a category under Event Recording > Smart Detections, so I’m afraid the app would never tag it as such. It is however a category for us to tag our video feedback, so I suppose Wyze is working on Insect detection but it’s not ready for prime time yet.

I wonder what’s the difference between our videos since I rarely get rain drops, cobwebs and bugs labeled as Person. Maybe we can share our videos/stills and try to solve this discrepancy. I do get false positives, but they’re usually waving tree shadows on a sunny day.

Well, insects used to be one of the detection settings. Looks like Wyze removed it and added Gun Shooting. Probably because the insect detection didn’t work very well.

Update: Now I know why I though one of the AI detection settings had insects, where I actually saw that was when you submit results telling Wyze what was actually in the video, when the AI gets it wrong. So I guess what Wyze is trying to do is have us send them videos for other things that so they can build a data base for new labels. I really. hope they don’t do this because it’s just not working and having even more labels that don’t work isn’t a good thing.

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