AI and all the hype

I’m sitting here trying to get my head around what all the fuss is in the media about “AI” dangers… we can’t get our cameras to NOT record shadows of leaves blowing… or lights on cars driving by showing reflextions… Do we really think we want robots… and I don’t care HOW much they try… water, electric current and blowing sand will dissable anything… JMHO

Excellent point. I read a story last week, (I think it was on Yahoo), how Air Force was experimenting with AI to assist in flying an drone. They had a manual disengagement switch built-in to the devices, and programmed the flying so a human (the drone operator) could override the AI.

Here’s another article I found on the subject. OF COURSE, Air Force is going to deny. Yay think they can admit it happened?

As the AI got smarter it took over more control. It found a target within the parameters the settings had told it to watch for. The operator selected do not attach/launch. The drone responded to stand down, then the drone re-calculated the mission and returned to attack/launch. the drone operator disabled it again. This time AI disabled the operator’s control and reported it was interfering with its ability to complete the mission.

Yep, need to be able to unplug the AI.

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The perceived danger is that they won’t be able to tell the difference between a computer and another human. Hype sells. Media is a business.

I don’t think it’s a question of if we want robots. It’s more a question of do we want easy.

Ask the average human if they would like a machine that could make better decisions, faster, with a higher degree of accuracy and do the mundane tasks of everyday life for them with faster, better results so they have more free time to explore more enjoyable recreational activities… a machine where all the answers to all the world’s questions are at their fingertips and an education in those facts is meaningless.

The answer won’t surprise anyone. That has been the corporate sales pitch since before the industrial revolution.

Including us!

AI isn’t new. It has been in use since the 1950s in ever evolving forms or fashions. Governments and industries around the world have employed and exploited it at every step. There isn’t a human alive living in a developed country that hasn’t interacted with it or been affected by it.

The reason for the hype now is because it has finally seeped down to the Joe User level of boots on the ground. It was previously reserved for the super rich because of the computing power required to run it. But the computing hardware has finally cought up with the software and we can now run the same AI on a processor the size of a grain of rice for a couple bucks. Joe User can now afford it. That access is driving the hype.

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YES! 1000 times YES! I am dying for AI to make me obsolete.

Since we’re in the Watercooler and just chatting for fun…Here’s an unpopular opinion, but I can’t wait until AI gets to the point where Car insurance is too costly for the average person to be able to manually drive themselves anywhere instead of owning (or renting) a self-driving car AI to do it for us. I know that self-driving won’t be “banned” [at first, or for a long time]…and I’m not saying it needs to be. I think what will happen is that insurance companies will simply prefer self-driving vehicles over people drivers so much that manual self-driving will become nearly unaffordable and too high of a liability risk for 99% of people to be able to afford anymore (cost for insuring AI drivers will be much lower to the point where almost everyone will choose to do that instead just from a cost-benefit consideration without any actual laws taking away said freedom)…and I personally can’t wait for that day. There are way too many terrible drivers out there, intoxicated driving, road rage, impatient, sleepy driving, distracted driving, control issues, entitlement, etc…people sometimes become entirely different people while they are driving, sometimes scarily so. A lot of people love being in control and driving themselves, and I can respect that. In fact, my wife basically needs to be the one driving so she doesn’t get motion/car sick…and that is also a common thing. But I don’t mind that because I personally don’t care about driving. It’s almost a tedious waste of time to me that I would rather spend the time doing something more productive on my phone. :joy: I personally can’t wait for the Self-driving AI’s to take over and make manual driving unaffordable for all the bad drivers, and make it easy for me to never have to drive anymore. :slight_smile: Plus I will feel better with my family going places without worrying if some bad or compromised driver might harm them. Don’t hate me…just a hope/preference that driving switches this way.

I also can’t wait for a Tesla robot that can constantly do all my house chores for me so I have more time to do things I actually care about! :joy:

I’m following LLM’s so closely and waiting for the moment I can automate all my bookkeeping work so I don’t have to do it anymore. :slight_smile:

More the better.

I prefer to risk a little Skynet and Roko’s Basilisk (if you don’t know who Roko’s Basilisk is, you might not want to…once you know…well, don’t say I didn’t warn you and don’t blame me for bringing it up and making you curious… :rofl: we are in the watercooler, afterall)


I hate you. :angry:

And this is me trying to keep an open mind.


For which part? That I hope manual-self-driving becomes unaffordable, for being willing to risk Skynet, for telling you about Roko’s Basilisk, or something else? :grin:
Whichever it is, you are welcome my froggy friend. :+1:


The enthusiasm. I love that you’re so freely expressive of it. I hate what it portends. :slight_smile:


You mean you hate a future where a self-driving car can get into a car accident with another self-driving car, and the AI lawyer from the 2 self-driving car companies battle it out under an AI judge?

Honestly I do appreciate a future where AI automates the thankless jobs (I.e Support). I am not hopeful however that corporate America would stop there.


You will hear sentient people from my generation claim ‘You can’t fight progress. At least if it goes badly we won’t have to bear it long.’ :older_adult:

Cool comfort if not cold. :headstone: