AI issue getting worse

Has anyone noticed the AI performance issue? I didn’t expect error-free AI performance, but last few days all my cams(v3, v2, cam v1) do show spiked error rates. I give up the human-only siren and light rule because of this horrible AI performance. All my cams recognize a cat as a human nearly 30~40%. The below pictures are just examples from today (Same firmware and location). Already uploaded the log files.

P.S My initial 30~40% estimation could be too high.


Doesn’t look human to me - but I have I, not AI.

Let’s make it brief, Wyze’s smart detection system doesn’t work as I expected.

Experiencing many false triggers as well over the pas 24 hours. Maybe due to the camera “fix” in the monitoring section?. I just filed a ticket with Waze. We’ll see what happens.

You’re right. I just checked last 6 hours AI events. Now It does look good.

Yes . Many , many , and many false person notifications from cars , light changes , trees waving , shadows , etc

This has been going on for about a month. All we can do is try to move the camera angle , mess with sensitivity, and or submit the correct feedback but one day it works well and the other day it’s like it doesn’t even know how to do it’d job… very inconsistent at times

It isn’t a reliable solution. It’s just an expensive toy that we can fiddle.