Adjustable video motion timeout

To be able to adjust the 5 minute people notifications time out for all people events to any time from 1 second to 5 minutes. Currently if a motion event is triggered and person comes into the seen 10 seconds later the people notifications will not work because of the 5 minute time out. This needs to be adjustable from any person detection to up to 5 minutes.

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Hi @snapsdavis,

Welcome to the forum! If I understand you correctly you are suggesting or requesting that the “cool down” period between event cloud recording be made adjustable?

Recently Wyze has released a new subscription service called Complete Motion Capture which would in effect remove the delay entirely.

Also available to you is the ability to record locally to an SD card. That also has no restriction on separation of events. I am not aware of any way to tune or change the delay for cloud events. You might want to look at the #wishlist and see if there is already an request there or even consider adding one?

Failing that you could contact Wyze Support at the link on the top of this page. We are users like you so we don’t necessarily have all available information.