Adding new motion sensor to an existing rule triggering plugs

I have existing rules for 1 motion sensor in garage to trigger plugs to turn Off/On the lights.

Would like to add a 2nd motion sensor in garage for additional coverage and is planning to use the same existing rules, but it looks like there is no option to add the additional motion sensor on the same rules? Am I correct or am I missing some something? Or do I need to create a duplicate rule for the 2nd motion sensor?

Appreciate the help. Thanks.

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I did this same thing, but I don’t think you can add it to the same rule.
I added the second motion detector and just created a separate set of similar rules for that one.

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Thanks. If this is really as per Wyze’s design in the App, I hope they improve it. It’s more (time) efficient to just be able to add a similar sensor on the same rule. It also helps reduce the clutter in the App.


I wish we could create one rule for the on off instead of creating one for on and one for off. That would be nice too. And the ability to add more triggers than just one would be excellent. I like your idea.

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