Adding a new zone to wyze after set up

How do you add a zone wyze sprinkler if I added another statuon

Settings, system, configure terminals

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Yikes! “Terminals” are “Zones”?

I spent A LONG TIME looking for this. Even Wyze support live agent didn’t know, and suggested that I delete and re-install the entire controller.

Asking the user to imagine that “Terminals” are what the rest of the app Zones is too much.

The manual and ideally the UI needs a couple of improvements
In the Settings > System dialog, change “Configure Terminals” to “Add / Delete”. If that is too much, how about “Press Configure Terminals to add or delete zones from the system”

(Had I been the UI Designer, the “Configure Terminals” would not exist, The 8 zones would simply always be populated, regardless of being Enabled or not. THen the zone settings dialog would have the Enable switch inform whatever software requires, ie. a Zone not Enabled is a Terminal not connected.)