Add to recent order

I placed an order last night.
The confirmation email SUGGESTED that I would be able to ADD to that order by clicking a link, but the link just started a new order.
I called support today and found out that WYZE could NOT add to an existing order (mind you, I ordered in the middle of the night and it had only been 8 hours since it was placed).

Please do not send emails that suggest that you can add to an order if this is impossible(this is verbatim from the email):

# Toss another item in the box
Most people come back to buy multiple Wyze products. Save a box AND start creating more automations into your daily tasks even sooner. Win-win!

BETTER YET: make it POSSIBLE to add to a recent order (at least for a short period) and save a box (and shipping costs).

Why am I not surprised? The image I see when I think of Wyze is a group of (white hat) hackers with noses deep in their keyboards with no support personnel; no secrectaries, no testers, nothing else When I saw that blurb about adding to an order, I dismissed it outright. Why would I screw up my order?

This is why you have release announcement coming out before the actual release and no actual description of what changed, why bugs remain for a long time, why bugs reappear, etc, etc.

Edit -

I should know, I used to work in such an environment.; a start-up.