Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

I agree @steve4335.

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Here is the #wishlist topic for that: On/Off Toggles/Schedule for Wyze Sense sensors


Thanks @Loki I had voted for this, also put a question there to the Wyze team, unfortunately it is currently listed as “probably-not”, however the Wyze team is responding to the thread and might be trying to find other ways to accomplish this.

@Plaidsky if you have not voted yet please hit the link Loki provided and cast your vote, the more we have the more it will be looked at :upside_down_face:

@steve4335 I just voted. Thanks.

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In some scenarios, such as when a camera faces a major road, the appropriate motion sensitivity setting is VERY different between daytime and nighttime. If headlights are likely to shine into the frame, it can be erroneously be detected as motion. For this reason, it would be useful if we had the ability to adjust motion sensitivity on a schedule.

As a separate but related feature, it would also be useful to schedule based on localized sunrise/sunset times, instead of only specific times of the day. (I made a separate topic for that, but I guess it has to be approved, so perhaps the moderator can update this post with a link to that, after it gets approved.)

Here is the wishlist for sunrise/sunset - ive voted for this as well

The motion sensitivity on a schedule has been merged with:


Thanks. I searched first for both of those, but I guess I didn’t successfully find the appropriate topics. Haha. Oh well. I tried to follow the rules, guys!


It’s excruciating to enable multiple devices for vacation mode. There needs to be a much simpler interface, a single screen to toggle it for all or individual devices. Right now it’s buried three screens deep, and doesn’t match at all how someone would likely want to use the feature. Think about it, if you’re leaving, you probably want all your lights and maybe even some plugs switched to vacation mode.

Please add the ability for a rule to enable/disable DEVICES. (or alternatively… allow us to enable or disable TRIGGERS if for some reason that’s easier for you to program).

Doing so would allow the following scenarios:

GIVEN I am away from home
WHEN an intruder walks around my house tripping my motion sensor
THEN the lights turn on
AND a siren attached to a smart plug raises holy hell
AND I am notified on my phone

GIVEN I am home
AND I’m in bed
WHEN an intruder walks around my house
THEN the lights turn on
AND a siren connected to a smart plug raises holy hell
AND I don’t really care about notification on my phone

And here’s the feature (or is it a non-feature) that would make my WYZE system far more useful to me…

GIVEN I’m home
AND I’m not in bed
WHEN I walk around the house
THEN the light bulb stays off
AND I’m not scared ******* by the siren connected to the smart plug going off every time I move

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My vote was to enable / disable shortcuts. The shortcuts were implemented very well. I can configure 4 cameras the way I wanted for situations like: all off, cameras on for monitoring, cameras on for monitoring and notifying. An obvious rule is, for example, 9AM to 5PM weekdays, enable shortcut for monitoring with notification.

Shortcuts have a lot of detailed options that I can set per device. I would vote against adding the exact same detailed type of configurations per device for rules too. That would be twice the work. Let me set things in shortcuts then let me create rules to activate/deactivate shortcuts.

Depending how it gets implemented, it most likely would NOT be twice the work, assuming they’re smart with the UX/UI. Most likely, you’d have a separate checkbox that says something like “configure rules for each camera separately,” or you’d group the cameras and implement rules on a group basis. If you want the same thing to happen for every camera at the same time, that would most likely remain the most “default” or straightforward way to configure it in the app.

Agreed. You make a good point about it depending on the implementation. Interesting idea as well re defining camera groups.

Everything works good in my shop but I need delay adjustment for smart light integration with motion sensor.

I would like to be able to set a rule that would reposition the pan cam to a specific way point if a motion or door sensor trips. With such a rule the camera would point to the location of the tripped sensor and record video. You should be able to reposition the camera to any one of the four way points.

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My vote is for an action to disable/-re-enable event recording triggered by contacts sensors or motion sensors. This would allow ALL event recording to be stopped and restarted, and not just camera-triggered events.

Right and you can disable some integrated actions.

I would like to be able to send the video feed to a specifed cast receiver, like a Google Home Hub on an event, like a sound being made. It looks like this isn’t currently possible, not even with IFTTT. But I was curious if there is any effort to achieve this level of functionality? Sort of like a baby monitor. I would like to see this if at all possible, it could make the camera even more versatile and useful.

I have added “tell … Google device to show camera” to the list at the top of this thread. Be sure the click the VOTE button at the top.

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I have Wyze Cams and Wyze Plugs. I would like to be able to trigger actions between Dawn/Dusk instead of at specific times. I’d also like to have an action- say a trigger from the cam turn on the plug or bulb for a user selectable period of time- 1, 5, 10, 30 minutes for example.

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