Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

I would like to add one more - Record a video to the SD card (like and event when recording events only).

I added it to the list at the top. :wink:

Loki, what about the ability to nest shortcuts as well?

I can see the concept of very simple shortcuts embedded within more complex ones… would eliminate the need to duplicate steps.

I think hierarchical or nested shortcuts would be a new/different topic for the #wishlist. If you wouldn’t mind writing that up, including a detailed example, and submitting it, we will probably accept it as a new #wishlist item.

I’m the proud owner of a set of wyze cams, sensors and bulbs. I want to use these as both automation and security products (I’m aware of the security disclaimer).

It would be ideal if we could have profiles for changing the settings of all these products at once with a click of a button (not only the cameras). Example of 2 profiles:

  1. Away profile (security functions important): a) bulbs vacation mode on, b) sensor triggers notifications + all lights to switch on + all cameras to start recording, c) smart plugs off or on, etc.
  2. Home profile (focus on automation, not security): sensors trigger lights to switch on but don’t trigger the cameras to switch on and start recording or send notifications, etc.

All you need to do is to add profiles buttons in the home screen to switch easily from one to another as well as the option of allocating a shortcut to one or more profiles.

Cheers, Thomas

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You can already do this. What you are calling a profile is called a shortcut button. Create one for Home and one for Away. I think what’s either missing currently or from the proposed list at the top of this topic is the ability to enable/disable other shortcuts based on the button. I’ll add that to the list at the top now.

Thanks @Loki. Currently actions can only be triggered by one event per shortcut. If you want another event to trigger the same or another action you need to set another shortcut. What I suggest is that a set of shortcuts can be grouped into a profile (or whatever you want to call it). This way you can activate/deactivate a group of shortcuts with a click of a button.

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This one please.

I’m still a bit confused about what you’re asking for. It’s true that only one event can trigger a shortcut. But you are not talking about event-triggered shortcuts. You’re talking about button triggered shortcuts, and these can have multiple actions associated with them. So one button for Home could trigger one bunch of actions and another button for Away could trigger a different set of actions.

I feel like I’m still missing something. What is it?

Hi guys,

As we know Wyze cams are sensible to bugs, so personnally I am lowering the sensibily of the cams on the evening and increasing it the morning. This prevent me from having too much “flies&bugs” alerts. As I don’t want to only rely on the “person” algorythm because it is not 100% reliable (cars,animals,etc) to filter the notifications, I found out this was the best in my case. It would be amazing if the rules would exist in the app, allowing to set the sensibility in regards of the time. What do you think?



Holding off on further input here with the advent of the scheduler. Quite likely that things I’ve had in mind to nest will come to fruition by other means.

Would it be possible within the device trigger rule for actions to add a call to an html/https address with various optional parameters. This would allow for greater flexibility to control other non-Wyze devices, better reporting and a great deal of flexibility for the future.

I have added this request to the list at the top of this topic.

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Thanks. :):smiley:

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I would like them to make ‘Enable Motion’ and Disable Motion’ universal options just like mute notifications and unsure notifications.

Would love to schedule the motion detection zone on/off. Only alert me if the front door area sees motion during the day, but set it to be the whole living room area at night/while I’m away. Voted!

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We can schedule notifications and motion sensing but not motion tracking…

Feature Request:

Allow cam users with an installed SD card to set continuous recording Advanced Settings ->Local Storage->Continuous recording on per a schedule in Event Recording->Schedule. For example, I would like to set continuous recording to SD to be on every day from 9:00 pm until 6:00 am and just let it happen per the schedule.

FYI, this request appears similar to a topic intimated by user @bryancwli24 in January 2018.


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I would like to see the option to turn on/off door and motion sensor…not just notifications, disable them entirely - this is to allow time frames for IFTTT functions, shutting notifications off stills sends a trigger to IFTTT.

Thanks much!!!

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