Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

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Where do you put the motion sensor so that it doesn’t get kicked, tripped over or dog doesn’t bite it or whatever? Because I really like this idea

I have them near the ceiling. I think you want it as high as possible for the most coverage.

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I have Wyze sensors/plugs and Kasa/TP-Link switches in the home. You have to add both of these ‘skills’ into Alexa so you can see/control them via Alexa.

For the stairs, there is a Wyze motion sensor at both the bottom and top of the stairs, mounted to the wall/banister pointing across the stairway. The stair tread lights are controlled by Kasa 3-way switches which replaced the previous 3-way switches ($31 for the pair).

In Alexa there are 2 routines created: one for “Stair Traffic Up” the other, “Stair Traffic Down”. Each routine consists of 3 steps: The first is when motion is detected, turn-on the light; the next is basically a ‘wait time’ step set for 1 minute; and the last step turns-off the switch.

I’m sure others could figure-out other ways to integrate different components to accomplish the same.

Problem I have with the request to integrate motion detection in a wall switch is it presumes that the motion it picks-up is intended to turn-on the switch, which, depending upon location of the switch, could actually be cross traffic, like someone simply walking down a hall or to a different area and all of a sudden the light for a different area turns-on, which is why I really like Wyze’s motion sensors and being able to better control the direction of the motion detection. Just wish sensitivity could be tuned based upon location/intention.

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Yeah I could do that I have a Lutron three-way switches on my stairs. So I could do that. Great idea thanks

A way to Activate/Wake up and display Wyze cam video Live Feed on an IOS or Android Tablet upon motion detection. Then sleep after a set duration. Not just a notification, but a display of the video seen by the camera (or a tile display of selected cameras) We had this basic functionality with an old Unided Guardian system of cameras and a receiver/monitor that died. We had its 7" monitor/receiver beside our TV so while hanging out watching TV if motion was detected, like a bear walking by, the receiver/monitor came on upon motion detection then turned off after a minute. So it was not a glaring always-on display.

We had hoped when we purchased that Wyze had this functionality and we planned to use an old iOS or android tablet to dedicate as a monitor. So now, if enough of you like this idea, with the help of this wish list item, we hope to have this functionality with Wyze one day soon.

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Would be nice if I could schedule turning on/off Motion Tracking and Pan Scan on a Wyze Pan Cam.

Nice to have feature to keep the camera quiet in certain rooms at certain hours/days.

Also nice to control the feature during certain hours of the day when activity may or may not benefit from the features.

Thanks, my $.02

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Can we get the functionality that if a camera detects a smoke or CO alarm, it automatically unlocks the wyze lock?

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Excellent suggestion @djsquared2016. The reason that your request was merged here is that there is already a device rule trigger “camera detects smoke alarm sound”. One of the requests of this topic is “Unlock Wyze Lock”. If you put those two together, that would satisfy your requested feature.

Your post will serve as a good use case for the developers considering this topic. Please be sure to vote at the top by clicking the VOTE button.


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It would be nice to be able to select an existing shortcut when setting up a new schedule.
For example: When I leave for work at 8:00am, activate my AWAY shortcut. This way I can set up shortcuts that contain multiple actions, then run it as a schedule since scheduling only allows for one action.

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would be nice to have a toggle lights option.

Some of us are experiencing flickering in auto night mode due to the filter constantly moving. I have to manually turn night mode off and on daily on one of my V2’s. A scheduled action to turn night mode off/on would solve this.
Thank you :+1:

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Sensor actions in rules should have the ability to toggle state. This would be in addition to the rule performing current 2 actions of “Turn On” or “Turn Off”. This third toggle option would be especially helpful when creating scene shortcuts. Currently lights and plugs need to have separate shortcuts for turning on and a 2nd short cut for turning off. The toggle state shortcut action would consolidate these into a single shortcut.

There are at least two use cases where this would be helpful. First is contact sensor toggling a light when opening the door on an interior room such as a guest bathroom, walk in closet, or garage. The first state would be door sensor closed and the light is off. The first toggle would trigger from door sensor opening and action would trigger the light to on state. The second toggle would be door sensor again open, read light as state on, and then toggle to action the light to turn off.

Using motion sensors is one option but the occupant could be still for some time or move out of range of detection resulting in the the motion sensor clearing and toggling off the light. Occupants then need to wave at the motion sensor to reactive the light, the repeat. Motion sensors also require two rules to handle actions for motion sense and motion clear.

The other benefit to using action “Toggle State” would be when using shortcuts on Wyze Band which has a 5 shortcut limit. It would be great to combine rules into toggle actions to have one shortcut that can be used first to toggle on a light or plug and then use the same shortcut to toggle off the light or plug.

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Now that we have the Wyze Band a Toggle option for the bulbs would be nice. Right now if I want to Turn on or Turn off a light I need to have 2 shortcuts, and we only can use up to 5 shortcuts on the Band

If we were able to do a Toggle of the ON /OFF of the Bulb then 1 shortcut will work for both actions.

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Allow shortcuts to turn on/off sets of rules

For instance, in my particular case, I have a set of rules that works well when there is only one person home and another set that is optimized for having more than one person home. It would be nice to be able to set up a shortcut that would let me turn on all the rules designed for one person and turn off all the rules designed for more than one person. Then I could set another shortcut to do the opposite.

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This is basically the big add-on I need.
Similar application, however, mine is for “Armed Away” vs “Armed Home”.


Please bring back features on rules that people used in app version 2.4.xx: Change the color temperature of the Bulb without effecting the state of the bulb. Now one has to turn on the bulb to change the color temperature, a significant impediment of trying to change the color temperature at a certain time without turning them all on.