Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

Yes please. This would be awesome when these cameras are used in a business. For instance, working hours can record continuously and non-working hours could record motion only.

I added my vote. There are many good suggestions in the list.


I have rules for home and away, much like a traditional alarm system. Rules allow changes to notifications which is perfect. Smart video alerts continue to occur based on the motion and contact sensors. Currently I need to remove the device assigned to record video. I would like the feature to turn the smart video recording for a sensor off and on using rules. Will save many 12 second uploads.

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Toggle Smart Video Alert recording for Wyze Sense sensors (by sensor or event type]

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Would love to see up top of the app the options for these:

Multiview HD
Toggle All Cameras to HD
Sync all Cameras Time at once
Reboot All Cameras

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Hi @GunsUp31,

Some good ideas. See notes below:

Multiview HD – Please explain further what you mean by this

Toggle All Cameras to HD – I have added this to the list at the top of this topic

Sync all Cameras Time at once – Already in the list at the top

Reboot All Cameras – Already in the list (“Add an ‘all devices’ option for any action”)

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Multiview actually compresses the each video stream to 360p for multiview monitoring (apparently as that was what was happening with the beta HD flipping to SD not keeping HD active).

I think what you’re calling multi view is what Wyze calls viewing a camera group. Each stream in group view is 360p. I don’t understand what you would mean by “top of the app option” for this feature.

Recording to the Micro SD Card is either On or Off. It would be great to be able to schedule the selected recording to be On only during certain hours each day. (Useful example would be to have “On/Event Only Recording” during nighttime hours for critter viewing outside, but Off all day so wind and shadow movements don’t use up Micro SD Card storage.)
Sharing the Schedule that has been set for Cloud Motion/Sound Event Recording with the Micro SD Card Recording would be just fine too.

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Here’s voting for “Pan Cam: move to a specific camera memorized position or waypoint”

Please move the preset waypoint buttons closer to the top of the interface, and without the 10 second cycling. It seems this feature was requested well over a year ago. Hope folks at Wyze can make it a reality. Thanks.

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I would like to request an enhancement on how shortcuts work. I use the Rules feature to create a group of actions to happen. However, I would like to be able to “arm” and “disarm” these rules. Right now Shortcuts do not support enabling/disabling Rules, only specific settings on devices. So the process to enable/disable rules is very tedious.

To clarify, I would want one of the options for Shortcuts to be “Enable Event” or “Disable Event” with the option to choose which events are affected.

Thank you for reviewing, Wyze. I have only been a user of your products for a short time, but you definitely get a thumbs up on value to quality scale!


In rules I need the ability to unlock a lock when something happens. I have two wyze locks. I want the second one to also unlock when I unlock the first lock. Right now I have to unlock the lock to enter into the garage. Then I have to unlock another lock to enter into the house. If I could set a rule that when one unlocks the other unlocks that would be very useful for me!

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How about a Sunrise and a Sunset option instead of fixed time. This way one can set the lights to go on/off based upon this and not necessarily having to adjust the times in the app periodically. The actual times could be determined based upon your timezone information.


I do that through IFTTT integration :upside_down_face:

That one is covered under this separate #wishlist topic:

I was working with John in support, and given the scenario I had he recommended putting it on the wish list. But then after joining and entering the request I stumbled upon it and added my vote.

Same with the other one I submitted on a stand-alone bridge so as to support sensors where a camera is inappropriate. Even if turned off, just having one in a restroom can be a legal problem…



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Allow a shortcut to enable or disable triggers that are created by the user.
Eg. I have 3 shortcuts created. Similar to home security. Home (disarm), Home Armed, and Away armed. I would like my front door light to be trigger by motion Or a sensor while on “away” or “home armed” mode. But while home, have those features turned off. So by clicking on Home shortcut, those triggers would be disabled.

Please add a rule that when Cam, Pan Cam and motion sensor senses a motion take a 1 or 2 or 3 pictures of the motion detected since this option can be very helpful for legal proof in courts for blaming a thief.

Rules in order that a wish is:

  1. When Cam senses a motion do take 1 picture.
    2.When Cam senses a motion do take 2 pictures
  2. When cam senses a motion do take 3 pictures

Why 3 pictures? Because maybe the first or the second one did not catch what the third picture catched!

Please add this! I’m pretty sure that this will come very handy to the Wyze Community.

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Not really sure if this is already an option or not.

I would like to be able to turn on/off Motion Tracking on a schedule. The camera moving in the day time is very noticeable in my kitchen so I keep it off but I would like to have it turn on at night and track any movement on a wider angle and then reset to the default position and turn itself off in the morning. I see there are scheduled actions but that says it is for motion detection. Is that tagging or tracking, which are two different things? The terminology is confusing. If there isn’t a way to schedule it, I would like to suggest it.


Currently, I can make my camera trigger my Wyze bulb to turn on. Can we add the ability to turn on, and then turn off after X minutes if triggered by the cam?

The only way I’ve been able to do this now is to have 2 separate rules - 1 for turning the bulb on, and another 1 to turn the bulb off after it’s been on for X minutes. However, this means if I manually turned on the bulb, it would also be turned off after X minutes, which is not what I want.

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I use Wyze motion sensors along with another 3rd party 3-way switches and programmed them in Alexa that when either sensor (one at top of stairs and one at the bottom) detects motion the stair tread lights are turned-on. Then there’s a timer rule (1 minute) followed by a command to turn-off the lights again. Pretty easy to do when you link Wyze to Alexa.


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