Add features to the Wyze Mesh Router and Router Pro

With the release of the Wyze Mesh Router and Router Pro, there has been a growing list of features to add. We have consolidated them here.

Please click VOTE at the top to indicate your desire for the listed feature enhancement. You can reply to this topic with thoughts on which of these are most important to you, We understand that having these requests consolidated in a single Wishlist topic means that you can’t vote on them individually. That is why commenting about your favorites, use cases, and personal significance is important. Wyze will consider those comments in prioritizing implementation.

Requested Features:

  • Add data usage / bandwidth tracking and reporting
  • Add VPN capabilities
  • vLan Support
  • List of Devices by router node
  • Force a device to only connect to a specific router / Node
  • Add ability to delete devices
  • Use device name for ‘devices’ in the device list instead of the MAC address.
  • Add an ability to see a list of all devices including details, similar to a spreadsheet.
  • Add a more enhance Parental Controls, not just site blocking
  • Support “Matter” and “Thread”
  • Ability to sort devices by the Band it is connected to.
  • Allow for “EasyMesh” standards
  • Add a dedicated Wireless Backhaul
  • Add more physical LAN ports
  • Allow router to be powered by by POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Add ability to pause a single device that’s within a group
  • Add ability to test WAN internet speed (including remotely)
  • Add the ability to see which devices are connected to the guest network
  • Add WAN Speed Test ability
  • Ability to set the Channel for each band
  • Allow for Hidden SSID’s
  • Schedule Reboot of Satellite and Root Routers
  • Add the ability to turn off all WiFi and only use Wired connections.
  • Add ability to individually turn off 2.4 , 5 , or 6 GHz radios independently
  • Port Range Forwarding.
  • Add ability for firedome to provide the targeted device when something is blocked from coming in. Also do the inverse, if something is blocked going out, add the device the request came from.
  • Setting toggle to get a notification whenever a new device joins the network

Add data usage / bandwidth tracking reporting to the network section of Wyze app to be used along with the threat reporting. This seems like a standard feature for mesh router systems.
Here is a snippet of Eero simple data usage interface for example.


Looking to replace Unifi Gateway Pro, but need vLAN support. Please add the ability to create and manage vLAN’s.


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I’m hoping the VLAN support is there for using the Mesh Router Pro in bridge mode to assign separate SSIDs to different VLANs.


Please add the feature to add VPN software to your new mesh routers. This would be a great security measure. I currently have VPN software on my current router from Flash routers and I will never use a router without this software. Thank you! Keep up the good work.

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It would especially be nice if we could have different VLANs setup to where anything using one SSID goes through a VPN, and anything on others doesn’t.

I don’t know how feasible that is since other routers rarely offer this, but that would be perfect.


allow sort and/ir filter of devices that are connected by router. aka with 2+. more routers want to easily/quickly know which devices are connected to a router.


I have some stationary devices, like Wyze Cameras, that don’t move. They sometimes decide to connect to one of the Wyze mesh routers that is much further away. This can cause connection issues with a camera since the router is so far away. Currently there is a way to totally block a device in the router settings, but not to block a device from connecting to a specific router. If I could force the device to only connect to the closer router (or block it from the further one), it would solve my issue.


I like the idea of being able to assign devices to the Root or Satellites Routers.

Maybe adding an option to select devices after going into the selected Router. In addition to that, you should be able to select the router when viewing the Device Settings.


This is a really important feature requirement. As your “body count” increase, - I mean the number of devices that connect to a node. Once you reach that limit, (I think its 75 per node on Wyze), no more devices can connect to your network. Juan would think, that something would automatically re-connect on the other node. Most of the time, they do not. I don’t know about Wyze - yet - but researching my current model, I read about other manufacturers and - they do not auto reconnect to the other node(s).

You might not bump against this device limit at first. But whose network gets smaller over time? Okay, hold your hand up high out there… Nope don’t see anyone 'fessing up their network shrinks vice grows. So, if you are very lucky, you don’t make your house smarter than the number of devices your routers/system can manage.


Requesting ability to remove / delete devices not just block. aka delete a device after changing LAN Ip range. delete a device that is no longer connected to network.


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This would be a very useful function. I had to create a special “Trash” :wastebasket: group to dump all the disconnected devices into. Some are Wyze Cams that were warranty returned or hand-me-downed to a family member. Would love to be able to purge them.

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Oh man! Being able to delete devices from the device list is critical! I will give examples in a minute.

Related to this: we also need a way to be able to select multiple devices at a time to delete them from the device list, not just doing them all one at a time, individually.

Example of how this gets out of hand FAST:

My phone has a default setting where it connects to WiFi with a RANDOM MAC address. Lots of people also have VPN’s that automatically change their MAC address to be a different MAC every so often, sometimes with every new connection to a new site/company, etc.

Do you see the problem here? That means that anyone using a Random MAC feature (like I have on my Google Pixel phone by DEFAULT and VPN) will suddenly have dozens, or hundreds or thousands of duplicate entries for the SAME device, and no way to delete them from the router list! That will clutter up the device list, make it nearly impossible to sort or use, etc. And we’re talking about features that are included on major phone brands phones by DEFAULT (as I said, I have a Google Pixel phone and it had on by default to connect to WiFi with a Random [fake/spoofed] MAC…so that means this is something lots more people are likely to have as well).

And that’s not even getting into being forced to store/save guests’ devices in the list when we may not want to, or devices that we have sold or discarded.

This should be considered basically functionality for a router and given a decent amount of priority. When people ask me for the pros and cons of this device, this will be something that I will always include in all “Cons” lists now that I just tested and see it’s not possible, at least until we get confirmation that it will be added/addressed.

Don’t get me wrong, this router is still my number 1 recommendation for anyone considering getting a router, and the pros far outweigh the cons, but the current device list deficiencies (including this not being able to delete devices from the list) are a fair concern. Thanks for noticing and reporting this. I hope more people understand and vote for this. I will refer people to this wishlist so it gets attention.


Given the wishlist items that have shown up for Mesh Router/Pro, I’m kind of glad I haven’t made the jump yet. Every one of them is either a feature desperately needed on, or decidedly frustrating about, other mesh routers I’ve tried or currently have to use.

Wyze still hasn’t answered by questions about bandwidth and node-to-node UDP and mDNS performance, and I don’t expect to hear anything about it until someone else who’s taken the dive and has 140 or more IoT devices on their network posts about their experience.

Overall performance is arguably more important. But everything else being equal, issues like this one make or break the day-to-day user experience for those of us who routinely monitor and manage our network and devices.

In addition to being able to remove devices from the device list (individually and in bulk), the ability to configure a time frame in which disconnected devices are automatically purged from the list would also be useful. Ideally such a feature should be configurable to a number of hours, but even being able to select a number of days would be helpful.

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Right now, when you access the Router from the home page in the app and look at the ‘devices’ connected to it, it shows the MAC address of each device. I think it would be a huge improvement if, for Wyze devices, it would show the device name we gave each device (as used on the home page. That way we’d know exactly what each device connected to the router was. Seems like it would be simple for the app to get the device name from the MAC address and display that instead. Please vote for this if you agree!!


On mine, if I have entered a device name, then it shows the device name.
If I don’t have a device name entered, then it shows the MAC.

Similarly, if I tell it to sort A-Z then is shows the device names first and those without a device name show up at the bottom with the MAC address.

I wish there was an option to choose what it shows or sorts by. Sometimes I want to search by MAC address to find a specific device so that I finally CAN add the device name, but there is no way to do that other than to scroll through TONS of devices hoping to find the right MAC I’m looking for so that I can add the right name and have it stay that way.


As a temp cheat, put all items into groups and work within the groups to make the piles smaller.

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I wish I could vote 100 times for this @derekmg!

It is a Wyze Router in the Wyze App that recognizes Wyze devices (manufacturer = WyzeLabs).

I have already named my many dozens of Wyze devices once in the app. The device MAC on the router should pull the name from the App and display it so that renaming it in the router isn’t required.