Add a loud Siren (also integrated with HMS)

It would be nice to see Wyze create an audible alarm or siren that could be used when a sensor is triggered to deter burglars after entry is made.


Would love to have an audible alert add on (separate unit or IFTTT) to make a chipping or beeping sound like your typical home alarm system when doors are opened with contact sensors. If sensor is not closed within a preset amount of time, a LOUD alarm can be heard.
Additional option to make a phone call to notify you that the contact sensor has been opened for an extended period of time.

I would really like if you could activate a siren from your phone to scare someone off. And also, if the contact sensor opens, the camera plays a siren. Thank you!

Yes Wyze needs to implement this!


They should make a siren that goes with the Wyze sence kit. A stand-alone siren would be a nice addition to the motion sensors and window/door sensors.

I agree that Wyze creates a siren to serve with the motion sensors.
When it is night for example 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM, but that would raise the cost of the cameras a considerable amount, and also in such small camera, they can’t put a super-strong alarm.

I can think of three options:

  1. Make an update to the WyzeCam with a siren sound, which is played from the camera speaker, but since the sound would be very little, create Multiroom Audio to be played simultaneously in all the cameras that are in your house, so that the more cameras you have it will work better, and make it compatible with Wyze Motion and Door Sensors. [MOD NOTE: see this topic: Camera plays a sound (eg. siren) on motion or on demand]

  2. Create a siren that is purchased separately, very powerful, with different sounds and with the ability to select how much volume to apply when is activated, and compatible with all Wyze and IFTTT devices.

  3. Both :grinning: :wink:

  • WyzeCam Update
  • New Wyze Sense Syren
  • Both

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A speaker that integrates with Wyze Sense would be a stellar addition. Functions I would like to see are…

  1. Option for an audible alert whenever a contact switch is opened
  2. Siren option for when contact switch is opened or motion/person is detected (based on preference of user)
  3. Panic button in app to trigger siren
  4. Separate siren sound(s) in the event of smoke alarm or CO alarm sounds detected by camera
  5. Notification when alarm triggers
  6. In app ability to acknowledge/silence alarm

Plus it would also work for the Wyze doorbell/cam they’re working on for people that don’t already have a pre-existing doorbell.

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This would be such a simple and practical addition. I’m kind of disappointed that it hasn’t been released yet. I just had to buy a smart smoke detector and alarm from other mfrs when I would have much rather purchased them from Wyze.

Audible sirens deter many intruders and draw attention.
With ability to turn off or ignore door/window sensors while at home.

I think a smart siren would serve as the natural progression of the Wyze sense kit. Automations could be created that trigger the siren if motion is detected, or if a door is opened after a certain time, etc.


You could use the v2 camera shell for the housing of the siren, use the same usb ports for connecting power and daisy chaining and the same wi fi tech for recieving the alarm , You even already have the open grid of the speaker for the alarm !! Idon’t think it’s so hard to implement a siren that fits and recieves an alarm from the app/camera?? I instal alarm and cam systems and i can assure you that if you implement these features and products you will double the sales!!

I have an old Motion Detection System made by Insteon…state of the art at the time but now outdated! Still use due to an Awesome Concept of having a plug in Siren triggered by Motion sensing, Portable Siren plugs into an electrical outlet and wireless connected to Motion Sensors. Wyze should develop the same…useful for security alert if an intruder enter areas of Motion Detection.

I too support an audible aralm. I"m not exactly sure how loud 10db is but here’s why:
I currently have a WiFi bulb set to come on when a certain door contact is opened. It’s work flawlessly for about 2 months now but if I’m not in the same room where the bulb is I miss the “alert”. Adding an audible alarm that would be triggered like the bulb is would be wonderful!! Also, 1 of my Wyze cameras points down the driveway. When motion is detected, as usual, it’s send the 12 second clip to my iPhone. Again, while this works great an audible alarm would add greatly to the notification process. Perhaps something with a volume control? Perhaps something with varing selectible tones? (I also do have a driveway sensor like this (different company) which lets me select the tone of I want to hear but unfortuantly does not have a volume control and it’s quite loud.
Thanks for listening, I;ll jump on this one when it comes to market!!

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Well I received my WYZE Plugs today and installed one to replace the 3rd party plug I’d been using as a patchwork method for setting off a ‘LOUD’ siren if I was notified by WYZ
E Pan that I had motion in the house. Now the challenge is setting up a new shortcut/ now ‘Rule’ to have siren triggered. After reading comments in the forum it explained the delay caused by using the Camera ‘motion’ as a trigger for the siren (time to video and send to cloud first), so I think I’ll setup up a Rule for my Sense door and motion detectors to activate plug/siren if they are triggered in my absence. Then I think it will be up to me to remotely turn off the siren after checking the camera’s for activity and turning off the plug/siren. I don’t think it’s possible within the WYZE software to limit the time the plug/siren is on after being activated. If anyone knows otherwise or a better method, please feel free to advise.


A most excellent idea! For now I agree there’s no feature in the WYZE app to control how long the plug stays on so a manual (via the app) appears to be the only way so far. Thanks for the tip!!

Totally agree - why would wyze make a motion sensor or door /window/ anything sensor and not make an alarm. This would be a cheap make for them. It it could pair the same way the sensors pair.


Update: I’ve figured out how to have a rule for the mini motion sensor to activate the plug with my “LOUD” siren & a second rule for the siren to turn off after 5 min (+receive notification and ck via camera what’s going on in the house). You can enable & disable the mini motion & siren separately … so I don’t have the siren turning on while we come & go around the house. Next challenge is to see if it’s possible to have a short cut button to just enable/disable motion-siren setup for quick ease of use…School of trial & error!

Hi Maxpm, what is the manufacture and model of the siren you are controlling? What are you using to control the wyze outlet. You mention a rule for mini motion. Thanks for the details

There’s a speaker in the hardware. Why not use it for alarm purposes if need be. please implement this and continue to be user first Wyze!

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