Action Rules for Robot Vacuum

This may be a weird and extreme case. I have been setting up different rules between all of my Wyze products. I wanted to use my devices to clean up after my cats. Right now, a camera is set up to detect when a cat goes into the cat door for the litter box room. When detected, my Wyze plug turns on for 5 mins. This plug powers a fan that exhausts the air outside and pulls in clean air from the cat door entrance. Then I am trying to get my Wyze vacuum to go over and clean up in front of the cat door where they sometimes have litter stuck to their paws when they come out. I am able to use the “plug turns off” trigger to get the vacuum to start. This is where my problem occurs. I am unable to select the area that I would like to have the vacuum clean. The only option I have is “Start to clean”. There is not a way to select where it cleans that I can find. Is there some other way to get this to happen? Or a work around that anyone knows of? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I’m not aware of any specific work-around, and this kind of thing makes a lot of sense to me as someone who was adopted by a cat. Your issue reminds me of a couple of Wishlist items that you may want to check out and possibly vote for (see the “Vote” button above the first post in each of the topics).

There’s also a recent topic specifically dedicated to rules, and, although the kind of rule you’re asking about isn’t on the ballot in that topic, you can certainly vote there and add your comments to the thread below that poll.

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From the main github page:

Want to unlock your lock, or tell your vacuum to clean certain rooms? Yeah, we got that.

Been meaning to try this out. Do note that…

Wyze does not provide a Web API that gives you the ability to build applications that interact with Wyze devices. This Development Kit is a reverse-engineered, module-based wrapper that makes interaction with that API possible.