Access Denied Photo & Video

When trying to take a photo or video I get an error message that says Access Denied. I am also unable to get any photos or videos to show on the app, I think these items are related. Just for reference I checked to make sure I was on the same WIFI while trying to access.

Are you using iOS or Android?


This happens sometimes if the video has not completed uploading to the cloud OR if wifi fails or connection drops and corrupts the file. Had this happen during a wifi outage .

Its happened to me on two separate WIFI networks.

Is it possible you have a router or firewall issue on the network? I tested 6 of my cams just now and there is no issue that is affecting the servers that I can tell.


This is caused by the Wyze app not having permission to access your camera roll. To fix:

  1. Open the Settings app on the phone
  2. Scroll way down to the bottom and tape Wyze
  3. Tap Photos
  4. Change from Never to Read and Write
You should now be able to save photos/video from the app and access the Wyze album by tapping the More button from the Live Stream

Also, BTW, you might want to edit your account settings here to give yourself a nickname so that your email address is not being published on the forum. To do this, click the My Profile button at the top of this page, and then Edit.


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