Access Denied - Photo & Record

When I attempt to take a picture or record, I get a “Access Denied” message. This is when i am playing back from the camera memory card. What am I doing wrong?

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I’m speculating you’re on Android. You have to enable permissions to storage at the OS level in order for that to work.

Device Settings → Apps → Wyze → Permissions

I am using an Apple phone

Pretty much the same answer for iPhone. You need to give the app permission to access your photo library.

Open the Settings App on your phone, scroll down to Wyze (or type “wyze” in the search at the top). Tap Photos, then change “Never” to “Read and Write”.


If you have given permissions, then just try again. I have been running into a bug where my iPhone often will say “cannot take a photo at the selected time” the first time I try to capture a photo from the memory card. When I try again, it usually works, no problem.

This solved my problem. TY!

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