A Rule that invokes other Rules?

Is it possible to set up a rule that invokes other rules?


Not at this time, you can make it a wishlist item, if it does not exist already.

I like this idea. :slight_smile:


Sadly no, but this would be a huge benefit!

I think this would fit into the #wishlist topic below. “Execute an Existing Shortcut” or “Add Shortcut Rules as Actions”

Visit the topic, vote for it at the top, drop some like :heart: hearts on posts you think are good ideas, and add your ideas as a reply at the bottom.


What they said!


I was a mainframe/pc programmer in my former life. I can understand why this is now allowed. Nested rules/subroutines can result in an infinite loop if you are not careful. Rule A call Rule B calls Rule C calls Rule A and on and on and on.

Yeah. But you can code for that.