A question about the zoom feature

I have five actives cams now. Using the double tap on my mobile device activates the zoom on one of my cameras, the picture is fairly clear and the others have fuzzy and pixelated images. And I just installed the latest upgrade on all of them which did not have anything to do with the zoomed in pictures. Is this normal?

What are your cameras quality’s set at? The double tap is just a digital zoom in on the picture, its not a mechanical zoom. Depending on what the quality setting is, what the camera is looking at, lighting levels, i bet the double tap zoom will have different results. Photo examples?


Well, you solved that problem easily. I thought that I had all of my cameras set at SD but two of them were set at 360P. I knew that it is a digital zoom though but my oversight was the problem. Thanks!


Sounds good! Glad it got fixed for ya. :slight_smile: