Cam Pan Pan, Tilt, and Zoom?

How do I zoom the camera?

Welcome to the community @Meh2oskier . I am a community member as you and try to help when I can.

In order to zoom, simply double tap the image and it will zoom in. you can also pinch the image - Pinch in to reduce size pinch out to zoom.

Also, turning your phone on the side (landscape) will make the feed full screen. You can zoom there as well.

I just wish WYZE would be honest about it. The camera does not zoom and that is what the box says it is! This pan, tilt and zoom camera no more zooms than their regular cameras zooms. What you’ve suggested works on the regular stationary camera as well but their box doesn’t say it’s a zoom camera.

So you are looking for a Zoom Button? Pinching zooms, as it does with the other camera’s, correct. Not sure what the issue is then.

Could you elaborate some, just so I and others may understand?

I think the issue is that zoom is not optical but digital. Slightly misleading. My Amcrest cameras have an actual optical zoom.