53 motion notifications in 12 hours when mounted above front door

I mounted my new motion sensor on the door frame above my front door at 6PM last night. By 6AM this morning, I had 53 motion notifications.

I live in a suburban subdivision with a front yard. The front door is located on a covered porch. (See yellow dot above front door in photo below to see motion sensor mounting location.)

I wanted to detect people coming to the front door and/or package deliveries being dropped off on the porch.

There was no motion last night. No people approaching the porch. No critters. No wind. No package deliveries.

I read in the FAQs that there is no sensitivity adjustment on the motion sensor.

Looking for suggestions on proper mounting / location of the motion sensor.

Did you test the sensor before mounting it?
My PIR sensor is real sensitive but does not react without body heat movement.
For example I wave a wooden stick around - no reaction, wave my hand - immediate detection.

Yes, I tested the motion sensor after I installed the bridge. I had it in my hand and the app told me it sensed motion.

I moved the sensor from the location above the door to the white pillar to the right of the door and positioned it facing towards the house. This eliminated the false calls.

I can only guess that the sensor, in its original position above the door facing the street, was sensing cars driving by in the road about 50 feet away. Now that it is facing toward the exterior wall on the porch, false calls have been eliminated and it does detect when people enter/exit the front door or a delivery is made to the porch.

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I had the same problem with a lot of alerts that were not of interest to me. The motion sensor was moved from over the door on a vertical surface to a horizontal mount on the ceiling (soffit) of the entryway. Also it was placed neer the crossbeam about a foot away. The beam helps to shade the sensor from seeing further away activity.
I do get an occasional trigger from an unknown source, perhaps a bird. I have noticed triggers that showed birds on the steps.

Victor Maletic