firmware has broken all my V2 and Pan Cameras

Updated 2 V2 cameras and 3 Pan cameras today with the group firmware update tool to update all to Camera’s completed the update and went to restart and wouldn’t reconnect. Had to take them all down and try to manually set them back up again. After a day of pain, had to do a manual firmware flash back to and they were able to reconnect again.

Anyone else having issues with the update?


Tried flashing to latest fw, no joy, Factory reset both cams and then flash back to .156
Re-setup to finally get back working.

Yeah…nah…it’s buggy, don’t update!

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Yup all my 10 cameras are down. What do I need to do to fix this? How do I make them work? My business is in jeopardy? I need this working please

Not sure how to fix them all

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Flashing the firmware to a previous version might fix it.

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Stupid questions but do I have to do it on my computer and to each one? Can it be done on an apple compiter?

You can download the firmware rom your Apple computer and flash the firmware to each camera individually.

I did that and it won’t open after I download it I’m so bad with computers and my husband who normally does this is out of town for work. When I try to open the downloaded firmware it like keeps making a duplicate. I’m so lost and I need to get my cameras up and running to make my business safe anyone can help and put it in stupid form steps on how to fix it.

I really wanted to know what was happening I’ve been trying to reset my camera whole day without success. Please let me know how to resolve

4 of my V2’s, 2 of my Pan Cameras along with 1 motion sensor and 3 door sensors are offline since I did the firmware update yesterday afternoon. Tried rebooting, unplugging, etc. still offline. Unplugging them all as they get very hot. I called Wyze this morning and was walked through all the steps I did on my own yesterday. I was told that I would receive an email today, still waiting. Hope Wyze resolves this soon.

You need to manually update via SD card. Download the previous firmware (ends with 156) from here https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024852172-Release-Notes-Firmware

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Flashing the firmware is the best (and pretty much only) way to fix the cameras. You don’t need to open the file. You just need to rename it and copy it to the SD card.

Once you downloaded the firmware version ending with .156 rename the file to demo.bin before or after copying to SD card. Hold down the setup button whilst plugging in the USB cable. Once you see the solid blue light let go of the setup button and let the cam do its thing. Worked for all my pan and V2 cams. Cheers


What a joke. What happened to testing a firmware before releasing it to the public? We are NOT beta testers. Troubleshooting and reverting firmware back on 5 cameras has cost me almost an entire day. Lost faith in this company, spending too much time developing products and not enough on quality control.

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hope this helps.
So now my cameras work.

Make sure the sd card you use is formatted to FAT32, If its under 32gb you can format on windows, I had a 64gb so I used a formatter online.

When you download the firmware (the JULY firmware) extract files, open the new folder and the bin file will be in there, rename to demo.bin , then i copied into the sd card. you can probably just extract the .zip file inside the sd card, but this is what I did.

Follow the instructions provided on wyze,
-Turn off cam, (unplug)
-insert sd card,
-Plug, turn on cam while holding the reset button,
-wait for it to turn blue, if it doesnt turn blue, like what happened to me, your file is wrong, or your sd card is exfat or something else. make sure its FAT32
-wait a couple of minutes, it says 4, i forgot about it and waited 10-15 minutes,
-now try and add the cam into your wyze app,

also, before all of this while i was figuring everything out, I left my sd card to record my surroundings, but you dont need to do that.

2 of my cameras saved the settings, one had to input my old settings.

This is on 2 pan cams and 1 v2

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I did that and they not working omg this is stressing me out… I downloaded the previous firmware renamed it then took it out of the computer put the address card in the camera then held down button and plugged in power and it didn’t work.