3rd party apps on pc

Thanks for the reply. So I am assuming that two finger operations on the touch screen will not work on the emulator. I am in the middle of downloading Bluestacks now.

Any “gothchas” to lookout for?

Any insight appreciated.

/Rob C.

Rob: I don’t really know if the fingers will work on the software emulator or not. I could not get that far because my Windows monitor is not a touch screen.


I use Contacam, works fine for my 4 Wyze Cams with RTSP option.

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I’ve been waiting for some others to do the research but now I’m getting ready to flash 4 of my cams for rtsp. I’m planning to integrate them into a Blue Iris s/w package that runs in a dedicated pc and currently has 24 rtsp IP cameras. Others who have been tracking this (on the Blue Iris user forums) report success so I’m optimistic. I emailed the developer of BI and he’s fairly happy with the reports he’s getting. Has anyone out there tried that integration?

Most Android emulators will allow you to zoom in and out using the wheel of your mouse to make up for the loss of the “pinch” gesture.

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How did you set this up? I can’t get it to work with either of my Wyze Cam 2 cameras.


I just tried this. This actually works. It’s a better solution than Bluestacks or MEMU Play.

Just be aware that it’s a nagware. There is a text on the screen that asks for donation. For $10, it isn’t bad.

Would I use it? No. I rigged up my own.

As for how to use it? Your cameras must have the RTSP firmware. Under the menu item, “Camera”, you enter the URL that the RTSP setup returns. For example, if the URL is “rtsp://userid:pwd@”, you need to enter:




Edit – one thing I don’t like about this software, when view is resized, the aspect ratio changes and the images are distorted. Prefer that it doesn’t.

Y’all are waay overthinking this, its simple IF you use an android phone. All you need to do is run Phone Link and then on the PC click on your Wyze app and watch it on the pc the same as you would on your phone. Only shortcoming is that you can only watch one screen at a time but the question was can you view a Wyze camera on a PC and the answer is YES.