2am Tour of My Garage

Sorry for the long video. It was spread over many minutes, so the video skips the boring parts. These two people went around the neighborhood checking car doors, and happened across my open garage door. I’m usually much better about closing things before bed, but was forgetful this time. Luckily nothing was stolen, but neighbors weren’t so lucky. Now I need to make sure I am extra secure since they know what I have.

Damn…that is just terrible. I’d put a sign on that door that says…SMILE for the camera! ?

Didn’t you hear the alert or was it turned off?


I receive alerts, but they are pretty worthless considering I have 4 cameras and 3 are outside. Even on the lowest sensitivity, a fly or bug sets them off.


Besides, I was sleeping. Only a phone call or alarm would be enough to wake me.

Crazy video. Can Wyze share this on social media?