200+ AA battery experiment

Going through my storage stuff, I ran across a cussload of AA batteries that didn’t make it into my rotation. After throwing away the ones that had leaked, I have about 200 AA batteries that should have been used before 2017. Turns out I even moved these little guys across the country. :frowning: See the photo below…that’s about half the batteries, and they the ones I spot-checked were in the red, less than half.

My Wyze Lock was out of power, so I tried putting a few in there. No low batt indicator, and the lock has enough power to function. But for how long?

Now I’m wondering how long these oodles of batteries will last. The lock eats through power pretty quick, and these don’t have long to live anyway. Maybe they can get along.

Here we go. Any bets on how long one set lasts? I’m guessing one month.

About half the batteries



Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 2.28.29 PM
No low-batt!


Predict they will expire when the Costco membership lapses. :joy:
-or- you’ll just get tired of changing out the batteries before 100 changes.


this is an experiment I can support! :slight_smile:

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