2 short term requests; 1. Away and Home mode 2. Alert sensitivity

First of all, happy customer. I provided more detailed feedback and requests on your survey (#1 being outside camera / casing with battery pack).

This is for more of short-term, assuming software only fix/enhancements.

#1. Can you put a master Away / Home toggle that simply turns on all alerts for all the cameras and turns off all the alerts. Of course, you can go from there to make it more configurable/customizable (e.g. which cameras to turn alert on) but even this one switch would be a nice time saver and make me use the alerts more.

#2. I have one camera in the garage and even with the lowest sensitivity (lease sensitive), it’s picking up cars driving by outside and other noises that I would like to better filter. I also get some motion detection from what looks like spider or cricket (small bugs). It would be great to have one or more levels of less sensitivity for both sound and motion.


Both of them are being considered in future releases. We have alert sensitivity now but it will be enhanced later. The change will be on both camera firmware and app side.

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Enhanced alert scheduling would be great, for sure. For now, I’m using a hacked solution - I added a WeMo plug (any smart plug should do) and am scheduling on/off times for the plug based on when I want the camera on and alerting. This works by turning the camera on/off when needed (so, for “away” mode, you’d just set your smart plugs to turn off).

It’s not ideal for a couple reasons:

  1. You lose all video feed/recording while the camera is off, and really, the goal is just to disable alerts - not stop all video feeds
  2. Lots of "reboots" for the camera - not a huge deal, as the boot time is quick enough that I don't notice it
  3. Have to buy extra plugs.... $$$ as well as adding more devices to saturate your network

how can I setup camera to view when NOT on my home network ?

PHONE not on the network that the CAMERA is on

I too use the Wemo Smart plug and if you go one step further, using a Nest thermostat, you can get true automated geofencing of your cameras. The Wemo app has an integration with Nest Home/Away Assist that allows you to set the switch to on when the thermostat goes to away and then on once it shows you home.

Nest Home/Away Assist isn’t the best geofencing I have seen, but it works for the most part. Rumor is that there may be IFTTT integration in upcoming app/firmware updates which may allow for a more direct form of geofencing. Wemo also has IFTTT integration, but with the Nest integration, I haven’t bothered.

for monitoring, camera and phone do not need to be on same ssid/wifi

camera and phone need to be on same ssid when downloading time lapse videos

camera and phone need to be on same ssid during camera installation/setup

cameras do not all have to be on same ssid, and phone can monitor all cameras, regardless of ssid the cameras are on

Away mode is definitely needed…I set my security system (Abode) to away mode and instantly realized my WYZE cams don’t have that feature…and I would have to go to each camera setting to set alerts while away. I think this should be top of the list

Have you explored the Shortcut section at the top of the Devices screen? With that, you can set up a bunch of actions for each camera that you want taken when you leave/return home and trigger them with a single button at the top of the screen. There are even custom Home/Away button icons you can use.


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Thanks for the suggestion…I’m going to play around with this feature and hopefully it works for me

Home/Away mode sounds like a vote for profiles? See if this roadmap item would help and vote.


Great idea. I think I’ll try that one.

I used an IFTTT rule as a workaround…if my Abode system is activated all cameras(4) are switched to motion detection…once the mode changes back to home/standby the motion detection is disabled

Where is this feature ? Cloud cam and every other cloud camera can detect you are home when your app and the camera are on the same network and turn on home and turn off all cameras. Why can’t Wyze do this ? The new manual shortcut and automation steps do not work well. Why is this feature so hard when everyone has it ?