2 cam usability suggestions

I think wyze should consider re-branding the camera’s recording capabilities to "cloud” recordings and "microSD card” recordings. The “event” and “playback” nomenclature muddies the proverbial water, especially for frustrated new users who commonly confuse and commingle the two.

AND, while they’re at it, they should also promote using only “high endurance” microSD cards. These are the only cards warrantied (by the card manufactures’) for use in “security cam” use cases. “High endurance” is being branded as a colloquial term for these types of cards.

Note: this thread is intended for only these suggestions. Anything else? Get your own post.

Change the Video Nomenclature?
  • Yes, it’s confusing.
  • No, it’s fine the way it is.

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Only Promote “High Endurance” SD Cards?
  • Yes
  • No

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Cloud Event and Local Event?

Cloud continuous and Local continuous?

‘Recording’ added after each for clarity when needed?

Definition attempt:

An Event is an A/V recording triggered by a cam ‘detection’ - either visual or audio.

Continuous A/V recording may be stored:

  • Locally to an SD card in a cam
  • To the cloud in 5-minute ‘continuous’ segments (Cam Plus)
  • Or both.


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