2.31app RC, Wyze cam v2 & Pan Beta Firmware Test 5/11/2022

Are you sure your getting good wifi coverage where the cam is located? All subscriptions are for cloud events, not micro sd card.

Are you trying to view your events or your continuous recording?

@great.lakes.honey @Canvas Sorry for the inconvenience. For the playback issue, do you mind getting a screen recording about this issue and submit a log for it? We will work to get this fixed ASAP. Thank you very much!


@great.lakes.honey @Canvas Just an FYI… Your topic and replies were moved here as you’ll get better visibility and help if you post in the associated Beta category or Beta announcement topic when you have issues with beta firmware or app.

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I’ve the same issue, “at the top of the minute”, e.g. at 11:38:00, 11:39:00, etc., the playback pauses or hangs or generates an error. I’m guessing this is because on the SD card, the video stream is broken up into separate files, each one representing 1 minute of the stream, so I’d guess on playback, the hiccup is somehow related to crossing from one video file to the next.

This didn’t happen in prior recent releases.


Tried to submit a log, got an error saying “file is too large”, so here it is…

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After V2 beta fw install, both cams stopped recognizing SD cards. Had to remove and reformat in pc. One cam base was stuck closed so tight I had to really pry hard to get it to release. Of this caused my finger to hit the reset and then hear “ready to connect”! Well wyze had been suggesting a reset for another problem anyway. Sadly, the reset did not fix the other problem. But the reformat worked. Both so cards seem back to normal.

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