2.24 Wyze App RC Test 8/25/2021

Loaded OK on Moto g7 power and my &^%$# iPhone 8. I’ll load the tablet after I get back from lunch.
Not much for me to test on this one.

Time Syncs to V2s and V3s still failing (I didn’t try it, but I think the latest Beta FW still works on the V3):



Seems to have an issue with Live Streaming on Android Devices. This App version and other App version had the same issue. Here is a link to the issue and Topic where it is being discussed:


Just tested the Zoom issue on Android with the latest version. Issue still exists. In summary, if you live stream a v3 camera, then double tap the stream to zoom in, it will actually stretch to fit the display. Below is the link where it was reported.


Just confirmed what @Wildbill reported. The bug in iOS where the HMS States are not correct when loading the app. My Tune settings is on, they do work and chime when I open a door. Android shows them correctly, iOS does not.


Probably has to do with the setup process and not any rules.


Interesting and good find @WildBill .

@Yichen , here is another difference between iOS and Android.

I just did a comparison between iOS and Android. There is definitely a difference between the two. Add Home Monitoring option only exists in iOS for me.

Here is the options for Android:

Here is the options for iOS

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Ahhhhh…THAAAT activation! You’re probably right.

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Hi Newshound. May I ask what pop-up message did you see when the time sync failed? Was it ‘Update setting failed’? Thank you.

Yes, exactly:



Thank you very much!



My Message on the V2 Time Sync is different than @Newshound. Here is am image of what I see.


Same here under Android:

Same v2 cam under iOS:


The ability to add multiple floors to WRV seems to be missing in this beta, on iOS.

I see it on the Android, have not looked at iOS yet. But I believe you also need the correct Beta Version for the WRV. Mine is at 1.6.173 - but I was one of the lucky ones who was able to apply this version. However, this ability was also on the last couple Beta Firmware releases as well.

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Thank you very much. Our developer is working on the time sync bug.


@Yichen @WyzeBaohua

I was comparing the iOS App against the Android App as I am testing the Facial Recognition issues. Trying to track down the issue and am close to determining the potential cause.

In any event, during my analysis I noticed there was a difference between the Account Screen and the Menu for Facial Recognition Indentation. Below are the images of the differences, notice how Android is indented:

iOS Account Screen

Android Account Screen


Using Android I’m also not able to add faces anymore. I don’t know what happened there. I was going to delete one face to put a better picture in and when I deleted it I’ve now lost the ability to add another. Weird


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