$10 Prime credit when you buy a Band or Scale

Think I’ll put It towards another V2.

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$10 more than Wyze direct, so essentially the Amazon shipping is really free this time. (By the way it’s weird we always excuse Amazon for embedding shipping cost when we PAY them for Prime.)

Were you kidding about the V2 or is the promo valid for more than is indicated in the screenshot?

I just checked and can confirm that this is legit


Nope no kidding. Been thinking of getting the scale and another V2 will help keep my frustration level up :joy::rofl::joy:

Actually all seriousness aside, my cams and services have been running pretty smooth lately.

Oh I see what you are saying now. I thought you meant the promo was good toward the V2 directly. You’re saying you will apply the savings towards another V2 after you buy the scale.

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