Zoom in on V2?

Its fustrating to email support my question to find I get an email back to say the email address is no longer monitored (support@wyze.com), to try and use the website to get support but the contact us page only has a robot option and it only gives a US phone number and no way to get numbers or an email for abroad customers!

Now I’ve said that, my questions are;

I just got the V2 for my birthday.

  1. Can you zoom in on the camera? I’m not talking about on the app, which then goes back to being zoomed out when you come off it. My camera is on the back of my flat door pointing into the peephole and everything showing is too far away as it is. Yes I can zoom in on the app but can it already be set up to zoom in so I don’t have to do it when on the app? I want the camera to always be zoomed in more.

  2. The screen suddenly gone white as shown in the picture below when it wasn’t like that before, the colour was perfect and you could see the hall. I think the reason is the hallway light that gets put on by people and is on a timer has blown out the picture. Is there anything in the settings that can adjust for sudden changes in light like this because otherwise there is no viewable picture when the hallway light is on, which could be put on by others.
    (The night vision needs to be on because a lot of problems occur at night.)

  3. Can it detect motion looking through the peep hole between right up to the door and 3-4 metres from it? I didn’t know if the peephole glass would prevent that working?

Thank you

You’ve really put the camera at a big disadvantage - it will never work well as a peephole camera.

My guesses:

  1. No. Some people have done hardware modifications to replace the lens with a telephoto.

  2. I don’t think so. Just make sure the LED lights are turned off with Night Vision turned on/auto.

  3. Sure it can detect motion but your control will be very limited due to how much you have blocking the camera.

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  1. There is no optical zoom, only digital zoom in app. Like Customer said, some have modified the camera with a different lens but that’s pretty intensive and warranty voiding.

  2. Looks like the camera is trying to expose the area around the perp hole correctly. Since that foreground area is very dark, it has to crank up the brightness, therefore causing the background (in the peephole) to be way over exposed and blown out…

  3. I don’t know what it would be able to correctly detect, but if you select only the peephole with the detection zone, it’ll detect something.

I don’t think the v2 is gonna work very good at all in that use case. Is there a window nearby to put it on the inside of the window and aim in that direction? Able to mount it anywhere else?

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You would have to look at other peephole camera designs to see what I’m talking about. The camera actually mounts on the outside of the door.

Failing that how about modifying the doorbell camera to be able to swivel 180 degrees horizontally and maybe 20 degrees vertically. My doorbell is 90 degrees to my door and doesn’t face front. Being able to swivel the camera 90 degrees to face the same way as the open door would be great. And being able to point the camera a little lower to see if there are any deliveries on the porch would be a plus as well.


Thanks to everyone, I’m reading through your comments now. I know it’s not ideal as a peephole camera, I just needed something due to anti social neighbour.

UPDATE on blown out picture:
Its not to do with the light being on in the hallway. There is a window in hallway. And now it’s daylight with some light, the camera is just the same blown out. When I open my door it is still blown out. If I turn on my hallway light inside my flat which is bright, it is fine if the door is halfway open. When I shut my door the hallway is perfectly fine picture (as I want it) for 2 seconds then it blows out again.

I turned off the night vision and it is not blown out now. :slight_smile:
But not a proper fix to the issue…
It didn’t work last night when I tried this post because it was still dark (during the early evening it is still blown out). Its only early morning here in UK, so there’s little light. In summer this picture must be blown out again unfortunately due to the window.

This is a communal housing space so I can’t change doorbells, fixtures, put anything on the outside of door, do anything with window, etc.

There is a lag. How do I stop this 10 second lag please? The audio is a couple of seconds lagging.

Edited: And blown out now at 11.15am in winter

The camera is trying to expose the outer black area (foreground) correctly, which is causing the hallway (background) to be over exposed. In the first photo, the hallway is exposed kind of better, but the light at the end of the hallway is still blowing out the picture.

Hi @Omgitstony anything I can do to lighten the black foreground that you can think of? I don’t suppose there is

Make everything in view of equal distance and luminosity so that the white balance and exposure of everything is is processed equally. But with the setup you have right now, that’s not gonna work I less you remount the camera somewhere else. Even if it had a clear view down the hall without the peep hole and door in the way, I bet the darker area on your end and the lighter end on the far end if the hall with still okay tricks with the camera.

Wondering if maybe black tape around the camera lens, leaving a hole the same size as the peephole, would help in this.

I think the amount of black or darkness is the issue. It may not show up better due to shadows but using a white paper or cardstock instead of anything black with a peephole might brighten up the surround. Waaaaay outside the box thinking trying to shoehorn a camera into this use case, which I don’t think would help much.:expressionless:

If there’s a tele-lens that you can add to the existing camera so the fisheye view takes up most of the image space, everything would work, including the exposure issue.

Is your camera lens already right up against the peephole? If not, why not find a way to remove the casing, and poke that lens into the peephole.


Where you able to build one? I tried with my phone and zoomed in using optical zoom and it works much better. But cant use phone need it so anything that elese that works?