WyzeGwendolyn deserves a raise

Wyze isn’t a perfect company. They’ve had a few slip-ups. But I like them.
But you know who is always there in the thick of things when those slip-ups happen.
She’s always trying her best to smooth things over, and help people out.

I don’t care how much she currently is paid, she deserves a raise after this April Fools joke (car).

She deserved a raise, stock options, personal masseuse, whatever she wants.

Your engineer and design teams might create great things at great prices. But if your community and customers turn against you, you aren’t going to go very far. And WyzeGwendolyn has always been there trying her best to be polite and keep the customers and community together.

And @WyzeGwendolyn, if you are reading this, you are great. Thank You for doing what you do.


I mean for some of the crap I’ve seen flung around today [MOD EDIT], she deserves anything she asks for.

I’m amazed at how some people act, like somehow an extremely limited item, with many multiple thousand people all trying to buy at the same time would somehow miraculously grant everybody a unit.

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Thanks for the nice words! When Gwen sees this, I am sure they will be very much appreciative!


What they said. And on top of the superior “handling” skills she comes off like a genuinely nice person.


it isn’t that everyone can’t get one, it’s that the technological backend is the fail point, not the “where you are in line”. The latter is disappointing and annoying and most people don’t get too worked up over it, the former is not that, as it’s a easily solvable problem that has zero transparency for most people, especially non-technically minded people who don’t even know what back-end systems are.

When you “have one in your cart” and it pukes at the last step, that is a legitimate gripe. This isn’t the load of a PS5 or Xbox X.

I’m a hothead by nature, and I work hard to keep my frustrations under control, and for things that are somewhat uncontrollable I’m pretty easy going: some hardware is always DOA, it happens, it gets replaced. Some cams have hardware issues in their lifetime, it happens, it gets dealt with. But when you have a situation that is known (this has happened numerous times before) and still not addressed (and it isn’t hard to address) it gets frustrating. I’m not losing sleep or never buying another Cam or selling my cams and switching to $300 Arlos, but these types of customer experiences for a VERY CORE part of the business stick in my head for a long time and make me think this company still has a lot of growing up to do. Shopping carts are not hard. Spooling up capacity ahead of time is not hard.

All that aside, yes, Gwen does a good job and cudos to her. She’s far better than my temper would allow is I was in her position (which wouldn’t be for long LOL).

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None of this is new though and they’ve answered/addressed all questions around process.

Their inventory system doesn’t deduct a unit from available inventory until after an order is completed. Theoretically, there could be 1M units in carts, however, only the first 500 each hour would be able to actually complete the order, meaning the remaining would “puke” at the last step. If it’s failing at the last step, there wasn’t one available anyway to fill the order so it doesn’t matter.

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Aw shucks, folks. This was admittedly a challenging day from my end and reading this at the end was absolutely amazing. Thank you all so much for your support! It isn’t always easy but it is ALWAYS worth it. :slight_smile:

The feedback we got today was super understandable. We tried to do new things with this launch to help us accommodate the limited stock that we had but we had a lot of lessons to learn through it. We’re just sorry that the super cool thing we envisioned didn’t quite go together like we were aiming for.

But we’re listening and we’re paying attention to where the pain points were. We’ve been discussing areas of improvement today and I am confident that we’ll be taking lessons forward with us. We appreciate that we have community members that will tell us not only about the things they like but also about the things that we can do better. Can’t say it’s always fun but I always value getting to see the perspective of our community members.

Thank you again for making today so much better! :heart:


You do a fantastic job, ma’am, whilst looking adorbs and so happy! :grin::star_struck::clap:t2:


Hey, thanks! I just redid my hair so I should probably update my photo again. :grinning:


Now we know It was posted on April 1 and maybe by her Dad…

Just kidding. Her name is always there when help is needed…

I’ve been lucky so far, and just wait for bug fixes (if needed). It all works out. Prices are great, product very good. Support the best.

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Hah, she did. New thoughtful pose. :slight_smile:

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I agree! I chose the Wyze Car day fiasco to check out the community for the first time. WyzeGwendolyn was fantastic during it. They were always so calm and collected!

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