Wyzecam and Data Question

I know most of you use your cell phone data to check your live stream for you wyzecam. At the moment, my data is very slow because the carrier i use is from another country. But when i use it back there, i assume it will be faster.

Can someone tell me how much data you are using while watching the livestream on your cell phone? I assume most of you are from the US and have tmobile or one of the major carriers right? Now if you don’t have unlimited data and have say 2gb or 3gb or 5gb a month, if you view it a lot, does that mean you are using a ton of data? Example if you view your wyzecam live stream for a minute while you are somewhere else and using your phone data, how much mb are you using? Do you use more or the same data if you are viewing the livestream and pressing the record button?

So if you ran out of data but are using 2g speeds, is it basically impossible for the live stream to load because its too slow? I ask this because the internet im using, im only getting 1mbps on my data and i cant even view the live stream when outside b/c the data is too slow. But reason is b/c the carrier is in another country etc. So i figure the wyzecam would work fine over there? But im curious how much data it uses on your phone when viewing the wyzecam live stream.

If you have the livestream on but are on the screen that displays home, events, discover, shop and account, does it use any of your data? Or only if you are viewing the live stream?