Wyze Watch needs to alert at set heart rate

It is important that we get alerted when our heartbeats per minute is at dangerous level.

Certain age has certain maximum suggested heartbeat limit.

Can Wyze allow/add a feature for heartbeat alert?
It is for our own health.

Some patients are exercising but doctors ask them to limit their heartbeat to certain levels. Can we set an alert in the watch whenever the watch senses the beats per minute touches or crosses the threshold set by the user, to send a vibrate and app alert immediately?


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I would add this as a Wish List Item by going here: Wishlist - Wyze Forum

If it is a request already, make sure you vote for it. If it is not, add it as a request and make sure you vote as well since it does not automatically add a vote for you.

This one may provide what you are looking for.


The first wish of hourly breakdown of heart rate is already included in the Wyze app.

There was a second part which said:

I also wish the watch would tell me when my heart rate goes above a certain BPM

In any event, you can vote for this one or add your own.

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