Wyze watch different firmware based on size?

In reviews ive seen these

screens on what i would guess is the watch 47. I have the 44 and mine looks a lot worse. Is there a way I can change this? Did they really do something like making them act differently? Cmon wyze it was 3mm larger not a whole new OS

Yes, that is the 47 which is different from the 44. Neither can be changed at this time, although both will no doubt evolve over time.


Well, so much for trying to help my wife with her watch. It’s a different OS. So far we can’t find her sleep icon and it won’t record her sleep on the phone app.

my thoughts exactly! Tried to work with support yesterday to update the 44 to match the 47, they told me I could return the 44 for a refund if I wasn’t happy with it and/or should submit a “feature request” to have them be the same. …REALLY?? Pretty shocking that they were sold as the same device and one version is clearly subpar to the other and the marketing photos.

It was disappointing there was no mention that the OS was different. But re: my previous post, we did get her watch working well. She can monitor her sleep now.