Wyze Video Doorbell v1 and Wyze Cam Pan v3 firmware updates - Released 11/2/2023

This morning I tried to view a suspecticous movement\activity on the side of the house during eve hrs & was greated with the ‘firmware update required’ notice. I can’t even view the events of the cameras! Yea, I can’t go into settings of the cameras beyond what my SD card catches on movement. I agree, this should never happen. Inform us, but let US decide if we want to update OUR cameras.

Imagine if MicroSoft locked us out of using our computers til we updated the OS & did all their security patches!

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I have very specific firmware versions on my cameras so that they will work with third party apps, specifically


Wyze Cam Pan v3 firmware
Okay, w all my whining & *itching, today I updated my 5 Pan3’s as I needed to see what were learing around the side of my house. I did 1 cam at a time just as a couple others said they’d done. Then I checked each cam to be sure it were connecting to my wifi properly. They all updated just fine, PHEW!! Now I can live stream & view play back events again of each camera.
I hope Wyze don’t do this hijacking of my cameras anymore, it’s bad enuf to get notifications each time I open a camera for updating the firmware & reminding me Detection Zone is enabled. My gosh, I know, leave me alone.

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I knew you were using the mini-hack POE RTMP setup. How did this forced mandatory firmware update affect your cams?

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Might explain why they did it this way.

Which was directly addressed by one of the Wyze Founders. The discussion is ongoing in the thread linked below. The Firmware update on the V3 cam, announced in that post, however, is NOT a Forced\Mandatory Update. Illogical.

It hasn’t, yet. I haven’t been forced to do the update so far and I’m going to do everything possible to avoid it. Newer firmware breaks certain functionality in the hack, RTSP specifically.


Since updating my Wyze Video Doorbell v1 to firmware, I no longer receive notifications for motion detection events. But the events have been recorded if I go to the app under the events view. I do get notification if somebody rings the doorbell. This applies to both android and iOS.

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Wyze has gotten too difficult with stuff not working, forced firmware updates, subscription costs, etc. I’ve decided to try the Amcrest cameras with AI features built in. Just bought a pair of 5mp POE outdoor cameras for $100. They have vehicle and person detection, tripwire configurations, color night vision, and NO subscription required. They seem to be comparable in functionality to the V3 Cam Pro for about the same cost.

I have a V3 in my backyard that continually loses connections to my Wyze Routers even though it’s about 10 ft. away through a wall. POE will solve that problem plus the cameras have better resolution. I have other Amcrest cameras and an Amcrest NVR, which all work flawlessly without the internet. Can view them anytime via a web interface and the cameras record to the NVR and to an SD card in the camera.

Home Assistant, here I come.


Yeah, if it DOES brick your camera, entirely wyze’s fault, they’ll fight you tooth and nail to get a replacement, over a 30.00 piece of equipment. They’re willing to lose customers says a great deal about them. I for one have had it. They bricked a brand new V2(Never opened) on day 1 with forced firmware updates. They could see the camera was connected for less than 2 hours, but still gave me hell over a replacement. I’m done with Wyze. Just bought a Lorex system, 24/7 recording and the audio is actually usable. I should have done this years ago.

I too was forced to take the latest update ( for my Pan Cam v3 and now it can’t keep a connection more than a few minutes. NOTHING else has changed and it’s location is within 10 feet of my router!

Power cycling the camera will fix it for a few minutes, but this update has basically made the camera completely useless :angry:

I’m having exactly the same situation. Since updating my Wyze Video Doorbell v1 to firmware, I no longer receive notifications for motion detection events. But the events are recorded on the events view. Every time there’s an update, something is broken. I avoided updating as much as possible but this time it was forced!

Same exact problem i have after update been contacting them for days and still not resolved !

having same issue been back and forth with them still not resolved !

I have a Cam Plus subscribed VDBv1 updated to

My normal settings are:

  • Sensitivity 70
  • Detection Zone On
  • Schedule All Day
  • Motion Detection On
  • Smart Detection Person, Vehicle, Pet, Package
  • Notifications On
  • Notifications: Detects Wyze AI Events On
  • Night Vision Auto
  • White Lite LED Disabled

To test the Motion Events Notification anomaly, I made the following changes:

  • Sensitivity 100
  • Detection Zone Off
  • Notifications: Detects Any Other Motion On

Because my doorbell faces the street, I should have been inundated with Motion Event uploads and Motion Event Notifications. I was not.

I then power cycled the cam, leaving it off for about a minute. Once plugged back in and online, I verified all settings were still where they were.

One additional setting I noticed was that the Upload Video Quality was set to SD. I toggled it to HD.

The Motion Events started to upload and notify with every passing car.

BUT, and this is important, the notifications are coming in up to 30s after the event. All my other cams (25 of 7 different models) return an AI Smart Detection Notification in 3 to 7 seconds and they have to go thru the AI Engine first. 30s for a simple Motion Event Notification is far beyond an acceptable range.

I tried the same settings as yours minus CamPlus, I still don’t get any alerts.

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Ditto…done it…had enough of this crap

I’m not sure what Wyze did but video doorbell v1 started sending alerts again. I haven’t changed any settings but did one thing: Logout & Close app & start over

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Same here started working by its self but pic in notifications is sideways now