Wyze Video Doorbell offline - Flashing Yellow at the Doorbell

I went to go check for the “Activation Date” on my multiple Wyze Devices this morning, only to discover that my Wyze Video Doorbell was offline.

Off to the garage to disconnect/reconnect power at the transformer, which brought it back online.

On the way to the garage, I took a look at the VDB to discover it was flashing yellow ( I assume for the duration of the loss of connectivity to my Wireless AP for who knows how long?, was it all night?)

I don’t know what that duration was, but what I don’t like, is the fact that the VDB sat there flashing yellow for a given amount of time through out the night, bringing attention to the doorbell to anyone walking/driving by.

NOT DESIRED behavior.

I’d prefer that the VDB NOT send a beacon out to the street like this.

My preference would be to be alerted somehow that the VDB was down (which as far as I am aware this feature exist?)

Wyze needs to add an option to ‘mute’ the LED on the doorbell when power is lost to the device.

I very rarely walk by the front door, so I don’t need this Yellow Flashing Beacon of Death (YFBOD)



Agreed. Be it the flashing yellow light or the Kmart Blue Light Beacon. The LED is entirely too bright.

There is a wishlist item to add a UI to control the LED. I placed cardstock from an old Birthday card cut to fit over the face with white Gaffer’s tape

Tony did a much better job with his mod.