Wyze vacuum dust bin

With the Wyze Vacuum, is there a way to know when the dust bin is full? Does the vacuum keep suctioning even if full, or does it realize it’s full and dock back at base?

There is currently not a way to know other than checking it. It does not give an alert and suctioning does decrease quite a bit when its full.

I think it’s pretty clueless on how much it sucked up in that small bin. You’re just going to have to run it and check when it’s done, or pause it where it’s at after a room and check it and see if it’s full or close to full. First time use way fill it up faster. If you vacuum all the time, there shouldn’t normally be a lot to pick up. Start checking after it’s done and see if it’s full or not. In time you should learn how often you need to empty it out.


it is very unfortunate that they didn’t build a sensor to determine when the dust bin is full. It generally fills up every run. and I sometimes forget to check it when I get home since the vacuum runs on a schedule while I am at work. Allot of times it is stuck when I get home and have to let it finish after rescuing it.

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Most likely they don’t even need a new sensor. The amperage on the motor; I suspect that value should be available via the battery controller interface; should go up when the bin starts to get full as the motor starts to starve for air. It’s how a lot of devices detect full or clogged systems, either via the amperage feedback or via a mechanical suction gate.

Given the logic probably required for the battery, I’d bet they probably have access to this power draw level via software. They’d just need to work out the proper thresholds for each suction level and then a keep a rolling window of samples on the data to determine whether the bin is full or clogged. E.g. if over the last 60 seconds of runtime the avg. motor power draw has exceeded Y-threshold, flag bin as full.

Alternatively, a purely manual software based approach could be a good feature addition; essentially a user configurable rule to send a bin-check/empty notification after X-sqft of cleaning, resetting the counter when a bin-removed event is detected. Users would likely be able to get relatively close approximation after a few scheduled runs.

One of the problem with this vacuum is the dust bin is really just to small. One trip around a semi clean floor and it’ll be full. It really needs to be dumped after every single use. maybe more than once if you don’t vacuum daily or so.

My house is only 1100 Sq feet, and just the places I let it go, it fills up even though the floor looks pretty clean. It also doesn’t seem to be able to do my whole house on a single charge. So small bin, and small battery.