Wyze v3 massive DNS traffic

All mine have SD cards from the start. Sounds like Wyze has issues when cards are not installed, and many may not be aware their home wifi issues are caused by their newly installed cameras.

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I agree.

Same here all cams have cards from when they were deployed.

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Sorry but you are still missing the point. The local SD card recordings are not “events” in Wyze app parlance. The SD recording has nothing, nada, zero to do with Wyze cloud event recording. There is no “always streaming to the cloud”. Detected motion is optionally uploaded. SD cards have nothing to do with Wyze cloud event recording. They are two separate sets of setting.

You are missing my point (theory) in that v3 cameras seem to use/mess up wifi when there is no sd card. I’m guessing this is because if there was a memory card, and I was the developer of the camera’s firmware, I would record the event video to the SD card first so that 1) It can be done quickly, 2) Low chance of video getting “lost” due to a bad connection if the video was being streamed directly from the image sensor, then I would upload the video to the cloud. But when there is no SD card, it appears the camera interacts with the cloud server much differently and this is what I think is causing wifi issues.

Another theory I have is that since event recordings include 3-4 seconds of video BEFORE the motion happens, this can ONLY be accomplished by CONTINUOUSLY recording the video to something in a loop, because otherwise it will not be able to provide those 3-4 seconds BEFORE the motion was triggered and then full recording started. And if the camera does not have enough internal memory to record that 3-4 seconds of pre-event video, and there is NO SD card, then the only conclusion is that it must be streaming it to the cloud constantly (hence my second theory), otherwise where is this 3-4 seconds of pre-event video coming from if there isn’t enough internal memory for it and there is no SD card? But if you know for a fact that there is enough internal memory (even when there is NO SD card) to record a looping 3-4 seconds of pre-video, then obviously my second theory doesn’t hold up.

"The SD recording has nothing, nada, zero to do with Wyze cloud event recording. "

I beg to differ - Unless you have a better theory, my working theory is that if there is no memory card, then the camera interacts differently with the cloud servers (than if there is an SD card), and somehow this is messing up the wifi.

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Please stop making up “theories” to fit the limited observations you’ve had. They just don’t fit the facts. Please spend some time perusing this forum and/or the official documentation. SD cards aren’t used to buffer cloud recordings. There is no 4 second recording before a motion event. I’m not going to address each point further because frankly you’re kind of just making them up. :frowning:

Perhaps some of the other regulars will have more patience to explain.

Unfortunately this tangent is detracting from the valid concerns raided about the excessive DNS queries.

Edit: here are a couple of old threads that may help; the information is still mostly valid

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Well if that is the case, then that is a really bad method of handling cloud recordings, and it would explain why I often get “could not upload” errors when I try to view cloud recordings - not buffering the recording means you only have one shot to get the video sent to the cloud or else the video is lost if there was any error. But if you used the memory card first, then you could try multiple times to upload the video to the cloud because you will not “loose” the original recording thats stored on the sd card.

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Fair enough, it might be nice to reserve such space on an available card but I’m nearly certain Wyze does not. You can understand why, since SD use is optional.

As it stands I think the camera stores to its local memory and then uploads in 1 or 2 minute chunks; I am NOT sure how exactly that works.

Edit: it’s 1 minute chunks when recording to SD card but it would have to be much smaller chunks for 12 second non-CamPlus recording; I don’t think I’ve seen a precise breakdown of the timetable / workflow

I don’t understand why you think this - You can play ANY video or sound event recording and the green motion box or the detected sound do NOT start immediately at the 0:00 mark- they always start a few seconds in. So if there was no CONTINUOUS loop recording, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to have a few seconds of silence before you heard the sound event or a few seconds of video before the green motion detect box is displayed.

I’m sorry, you’re right on this point. Your earlier diagnosis was that it meant it was buffering to the cloud, and that really threw me for a… loop. :wink:

When I diagnose a problem, I come up with a theory, then see if my observations fit that theory and if not, I come up with a new theory.

But the bottom line is that if you do not have a memory card in a v3 camera, it seems to screw up wifi for other devices. And the only thing I can think of is that the camera is somehow overloading the wifi network almost like a DoS attack - which is why I thought this might be related to this thread’s massive DNS traffic issue.

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I see a huge number of comments on this thread but what I cannot determine if it was ever resolved.

My case: WyzeCam v3, FW (reported as current): More than 1000 DNS queries in a single hour, as reported by my PiHole.

@WyzeBaohua : Can you (or anyone else) provide a status update on this issue? Any alternative other than removing this defective product from the network?


De facto alternative: live with it, since things still work.

Better alternative: pursue the bug via support tickets.

I just saw this. It was so bad that my pihole became overloaded just trying to look at all the DNS queries by clicking on this client on the dashboard, and would crash it for a while.

I upgraded the firmware on it, and it seems to have fixed it:

wyzecam dns issue 2

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I see this with my WyzeBot Vacuum. multiple (5) DNS requests every 1-2 mins to time servers. Previous WyzeBot (replaced) would do the same and also disconnect from network periodically.

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Seeing this on my end as well. I have two v3’s and sporadically throughout the day they both start spamming thousands of DNS requests to google.com.

I use NextDNS which makes this easy to monitor. The top domains in the past 6 hours is really telling:

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5 is fine.

Try hundreds per second… That’s what I’m seeing:

I thought the firmware update resolved it, however I was wrong; the issue resumed the next day.

This causes the pihole to take a couple minutes to boot up to resize the FTL Queries.

Wyze really needs to fix this, there is NO reason the camera needs to look up Google hundreds of times a second.

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Maybe this is part of Chairman Xi’s efforts to DDOS DNS servers and Wyze is their agent. ;<)

He prefers “Pooh Bear”.

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Same experience here with my pihole. Currently 2.5 million requests over 9 hours. My log over 24 hours is usually around 10-15mb, currently after 9 hours its 234mb. Trying to grep out and wc to verify down to the exact number but I think its (pihole) locked it up again since there’s so many entries. I’ve invested about $2k in Eufy cameras\bulbs\switches\etc. and was testing this camera (Wyze v3 Inside\Outside, firmware, SD card installed) since I’m not impressed with Eufy’s AI. But at least with Eufy I don’t have to deal with this. Kicking all Wyze off my network and on ebay it goes. As do the Wyze bulbs and switches I bought thinking of replacing my Eufy’s with those as well. Arrggh just remembered I bought the lock also which luckily I haven’t installed yet so I can get my money back there.

FYI: I had to physically unplug the thing to get the requests to stop. Merely disabling it in the app didn’t stop the dns queries.