MASSIVE pings/queries over DNS

It has been over two years since this problem was reported by others. I have V2/V3 and outdoor cameras. They all have the latest FW as of today March 13, 2023 PST. I just power recycled (physical unplug) all of them. They are still sending a massive amount of DNS queries (DNS storms comes to mind). I am talking about 300K per month.

My question to Wyze is: Why have you not fixed this problem?

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Are you blocking them?

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No I am not blocking them. I found out because emailed me saying I had over 300K DNS queries last month.

Again, why Wyze did not fixed this? What is the “logic” behind this DNS behavior?

Here are the analytics from

It’s part of Whyze’s spyware :poop:

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I just send logs to Wyze and opened a support case. Hopefully it is just matter of a FW upgrade.

I’m having the same issue with my cameras. I have one that has 16k DNS queries in the last 24 hours all to what appears to be Wyze servers. How many times does the server addresses change?


@esilva, have you heard anything back from support on your open case?



@NWDragracer never heard from them. Pretty rude of them.

“ditto”. I just noticed it, but I’ve been up for over a year, so… Ugh!

No response from Wyze on this? Seriously? I too see a huge amount of DNS traffic. Now when friends ask what kind of IoT devices I use, I have to warn them about this issue if they choose Wyze. very sad, because I like their stuff, but to not address this, or even post a reply to the forums, really makes me hesitant in recommending them to anyone.

This isn’t exactly a Wyze only thing and that’s only the first thing I looked at in only a few second search How can I stop cameras from making so manyt DNS requests - Smart Home Community

I don’t know what’s going on here but its not uncommon to happen.

If they have something they can fix or not I can’t say for sure. It could go beyond them. eg logging - Large amount of DNS Queries - Stack Overflow

There’s some fairly wrong info in that Smart Home thread. Someone doesn’t understand DNS.

It’s interesting that another appliance has the same issue, and as you imply,… there are more. That leads me to think that all of these folks borrowed from the same TCP library, I bet the issue is in the common library.

Maybe. I have no idea what they might have done. Too many use 3rd party libraries or other things to their disadvantage or whatever is going on here with this.

I’m not looking on my end or deal with it further as I’m not experiencing anything drastic on my end.

But, maybe you’ll see something get fixed at some point somewhere somehow :slight_smile:

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