MASSIVE pings/queries over DNS

It has been over two years since this problem was reported by others. I have V2/V3 and outdoor cameras. They all have the latest FW as of today March 13, 2023 PST. I just power recycled (physical unplug) all of them. They are still sending a massive amount of DNS queries (DNS storms comes to mind). I am talking about 300K per month.

My question to Wyze is: Why have you not fixed this problem?

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Are you blocking them?

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No I am not blocking them. I found out because emailed me saying I had over 300K DNS queries last month.

Again, why Wyze did not fixed this? What is the “logic” behind this DNS behavior?

Here are the analytics from

It’s part of Whyze’s spyware :poop:

I just send logs to Wyze and opened a support case. Hopefully it is just matter of a FW upgrade.