Wyze V2 Doorbell not longer recording events or sending notifications

As I stated a couple of weeks ago, I replaced the Doorbell V2 with a regular doorbell and have an OG 3x telephoto pointed at the front porch.
People and package notifications work fine. Don’t miss the doorbell cam in the least. Can’t believe the arrogance of Wyze still selling this product and intruding new products while marketing and continuing to sell an item that won’t do what it’s designed or advertised to do?
Have also turned off auto updates on ALL Wyze products I own!


I had the weirdest thing happened last night on the version two that I’ve been having problems with. I put it on detect all motion and all night long between the branches waving and animals walking by it detected and I just can’t figure it out why it’s not detecting anything during the day with a human or a pet just doesn’t make sense. My front door version 2 has been working fine.

This just showed up on Discord:


Updated firmware on my 2 V2 doorbell camera’s. One works fine other one still having trouble with it. Still waiting for wyze to ok on a replacement one definitely something bad in it.

updated my camera today, seems to be working correctly now.

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Thanks for sharing your positive experience! I’m still a bit cautious given what others have reported with recent app and firmware updates, so I’m gonna give it a few days and let others be the test subjects. :grimacing:

Same, about 2 weeks or more with no events being recorded at all, even after the update today… Honestly the doorbell v2 is the worst wyze product I ever got, The v1 was much better despite the lower image quality, would much rather a v2 with better image from that doorbell than this.

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Yeah. Whatever fix this was, it’s worse than I was originally. I have to wait over a minute to detect me. Usually it won’t detect a person at all. If someone is experiencing smooth behavior on their doorbell on the latest firmware, let me know I’ve deleted l, restarted, reset the device and it’s extremely unreliable and I’ve paid for cam plus. My cam v3 cam plus lite devices are doing a much better job.

Nope still doesn’t record motion after update.

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Same here one is ok other not 1 person detection today. Set 10 log files so far.

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