Wyze V2 Doorbell not longer recording events or sending notifications

Welcome to the Forum, @brett3 & @sinistergti! I share your frustration in that a problem with a product brought you here for your first posts.

I don’t have a solution for this, but my best guess (as I alluded to previously) is that someone will post this as an ongoing problem for the next Fix-It Friday. The way that usually works is that @WyzeJasonJ will create a new post for the month of May in the Wyze News category on or around Friday of next week unless there’s some meaningful movement on this issue before then. At that point, anyone can reply in that topic to try to get visibility (and :heart: votes; and please do visit that post when it appears and vote for/add your vexing issues) in order to establish a priority of issues for the relevant engineers to address.

I’m anticipating that’s the way this is going to go, anyway. Unless I start seeing success stories with this firmware update, I’m going to continue to postpone updating my own doorbell.

Thank you for contributing your experiences! Hopefully the technical folk at Wyze can get on the stick and resolve this one quickly.

That was the “eye opener” for me. Every support option you select on the Wyze page brings you to a bot chat window with only precanned support text and no ability to speak to anyone.

This issue occurred days after I installed my doorbell so like you I thought it was defective.

Deployments go bad, but this firmware effectively killed the functionality of the V2 doorbell and there is not even a hint they are looking at it.

Jason just replied in another thread about this issue:

“Good news, we have found what is broken and are prepping the firmware now, there will be a quick beta and then it will hit the public.”

Wyze Video Doorbell v2 firmware - Released 4/8/2024 - Wyze News - Wyze Forum


Here is how I worked around force upgrade in install/setup. This is on iOS, probable works on Android too.

After the setup, it displays this to ask for update:

You have option to “Update now” or “update them all at once”. Since I don’t know which version it will update to for “Update now” option, I closed and restart the Wyze app. After app started, click on the doorbell from Home panel. But before it got a chance to load the live view (and update pop up screen), click on settings (gear icon) → Device Info → Firmware Version.

From here, click Update to update from original version to

After update, click on the doorbell from Home panel. It asks if you want upgrade.

Clicks cancel. Go settings (gear icon) → Device Info → Firmware Version.

Click to update to But before you do that, disable “Automatic Update”.

After update to, stop. Next version it tries to update is, which is the version we don’t want.



Can we get an update on this? For those of us that are still in the return window, should we pack it up and return or is there light at the end of the tunnel soon. Because as others have mentioned, we don’t even have basic functionality.


There does not seem to any urgency to resolve or explanation why it cannot simply be rolled back to the pre April 8 update.
Returning is not an option for me anymore but I do not think anyone would begrudge you for doing it : )
Hopefully you are still on the free month of service.

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I’ve given up on a timely solution to our problem. Traveling out of the country next week and need my cameras to work and do the basic functions they were intended to do.

Purchased and installed a OG 3x telephoto camera and a PODB
(Plain Old Doorbell Button). Camera is in my back deck aimed at my front porch. It’s not what I wanted or was hoping for from the V2, but I get notifications and a decent image when someone or something is on my front porch.

Wyze needs to stop introducing new products every week and make sure the core products that the company was founded on are working the way they are intended and customers are supported by real people who listen and know the products they are supposedly supporting! And for goodness sakes, give the customer the ability to roll back a botched firmware update and don’t force an untested or unproven update on us.

Doorbell V2 is getting returned tomorrow. I’ll make an adult decision on sticking with the Wyze infrastructure when I return home and assess how the other cameras performed.



Can someone, anyone, at Wyze offer any insight into what’s going on with the doorbell V2? Beta firmware isn’t fixing the issue as noted by others.


Here we are without notifications either, when installing it already forced an update! If you turn the power off and on, sometimes it works for a while, then stops! :man_facepalming:t2:

I was nearing the end of my return window on Amazon so I returned it as defective and got sent a new one.

When setting up the new one, I followed the above advice from Salor and everything now seems to be working as intended.

It’s baffling that Wyze knows this is an issue and still hasn’t given us an option to roll back the firmware OR AT THE VERY LEAST turn off the latest firmware so new customers or existing customers don’t have to deal with a new product that doesn’t work straight out of the box.

I don’t want to come off sounding like I don’t like Wyze products because that’s not the case. I’ve had Wyze cameras for a number of years and am a Cam Plus subscriber and have touted them to friends and family for a while. But this is the kind of stuff that just grinds my gears and leaves a bad impression.

It was said in another post that Wyze needs to Wise up and stop releasing new products just to release new products. Stick to what set you apart from the beginning and target your core fan base…which is cameras. Cut out the fluff products like a scale, watch, headphones, vacuums, etc, and focus more on supporting your bread and butter items.

It should not take this long for the dev team to put a stop gap in place and rollback the firmware while they iron out the issues. Something is better than nothing. Does anyone at Wyze even use their own products or test on their own stuff before it’s released :man_shrugging:


I cannot return the product, even though they are new. We installed them in Brazil and were purchased in the USA. Now we hope that Wyze support resolves this soon.

@WyzeJasonJ @WyzeAndy

Any update ?

I’ve been going nuts trying to figure this problem out never thinking that it was the update. I deleted the camera I reinstalled it worked for a little bit and then right back to not notifying when somebody’s walking up to the door a lot of times.

Welcome to the club. They came out and said they “identified the problem” and then released a beta firmware for those in the beta program and it didn’t fix the issue. Radio silence from Wyze regarding this issue since then.

It’s now the one-month anniversary of the patch that broke the V2 doorbell, No rollback or even acknowledgment that work is taking place to resolve the problem.

I do not think I have ever experienced a problem with a product where it was impossible to actually reach the company before.

Thankfully the doorbell was not too expensive as clearly it is time to start looking for other company alternatives, I’m just annoyed that I gave my NEST doorbell to a friend when I installed this one.

Same issue as well. In addition to that, the mechanical chime does not work either. Everything used to work fine.

I even had to put a camera out front because the doorbell camera has been useless least a version 4 camera notify me every time somebody’s coming down the driveway.

For those as frustrated as I am, voice your opinion on the Fix it Friday post from WyzeJasonJ.

Fix-It Friday - May 2024 - Wyze News - Wyze Forum

I’m only getting maybe 5% of motion events. Nothing even when I walk in front of it. Any fix yet? Or should I just return the V2?

If it is an option I would recommend returning it. There is not even the slightest suggestion that they are working on a fix for this.