Wyze v2 cams not detecting person motion on 3 cameras

The past 2 days my Wyze Cam v2’s are not detecting person motion. I have 3 cameras. I am paying for person detection (the name your price, not cam plus) but no clue why it has stopped working. Any ideas? Thank you

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Join the club. There have been issues for at least a couple of days. No official word that I’ve seen.

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I’m having the same issue the past 2 days.


I’m having the same issue!

Same here. I also no longer have the option to only get notifications for person detection, only the standard motion and sound.

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I have 3 cameras I get the detection on all. But for some strange reason on 1 of them at night. I get no detection. And that is the same camera that I see live or recorded in black/white. Rest I can see colors.

Ok for the last month or more my v2 cameras are not getting detections. I have 1 camera looking at my porch and when someone comes drops off a package I no longer get a detection. How do I know this is happening. I have an older phone using a free app I’ve been using pre-wyze cam that detects movement and sends me a notification.
BTW, my 1 spare phone and the free app works 99% of the time without a problem.
So when my free app using an old phone sends me a notification I go and look at the stored video on my WYZE cam memory card and then I see the delivery.
Also a few times a day I get person detection when no one is there. This is getting Frustrating.