Wyze Thermostat extra wires at control panel

The app says I need to use the C-Wire Adapter. I have a GerlneralAire humidifier attached to the gas furnace. I also have central air.

The control panel has extra wires running to it including to C. I believe these extra wires are from the humidifier. Should I attach the multiple wires to the corresponding spot on the the C-Wire Adapter? Also connect the adapter to the two wires on C and then to the control panel?

Thank you for any help.

Only attach the thermostat wires to the wyze’s adapter, leave all other wires where they are. C is common, anything that uses 24v logic in your system needs a connection to C at some point. Most likely, one of the wires on C is the common for your outdoor A/C unit, and the other is some other device (humidifier in your case).

What you said just makes sense. I will try it in the morning. Thank you.