Wyze Thermostat - Battery Powered

I wish that Wyze offered the option of having a battery to power the new Wyze thermostat I just received. I’m betting most homes today have a thermostat that is powered by a battery. Would that have added too much complexity, size or cost to your product? Mine is an older furnace and the C adapter doesn’t seem to work.

I’m a huge fan and I have most all your products now and also getting the vacuum shortly.


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I’d love to see this. I pre-ordered a thermostat only to find out my wiring isn’t compatible. I wish they had clarified this in advance so I could have not ordered it. I only have three wires going into my Honeywell thermostat, which runs on batteries, so perhaps a battery-operated thermostat would work for my Trane furnace.


Hey there, my old thermostat did not have a C wire so it only used 4 wires instead of the 5 required to be a direct instal. I took a look at using the included C wire adapter and it was just easier to run the extra wire. I had a professional AC repairman come out and do it for $100 dollars. Maybe you can get a quote on doing the same. it would make any modern or programmable thermostat plug and play.

Having a system that won’t run because of bad batteries in the thermostat is a completely avoidable and unnecessary situation. Pull the wires and you’ll thank yourself later

Hey @sungrd1

I have a radiator system with only two wires and just bought a 24V transformer and hooked it up using this method - hope it works for you: