Wyze Thermostat baseboard heating

Hi, I have hydronic hot water baseboard heating system, and the thermostat has a RED wire going to the R terminal and a WHITE wire going to the W terminal. Can I just run a new C wire from a new 24V transformer to get power that way?

@Chuan would you know the answer to this?

Not sure why you haven’t gotten an answer yet. My guess is yes you can. But it’s a guess.

Most baseboard heating systems are a high voltage system as opposed to a low voltage 24V system. I suspect with only two wires yours is of the high voltage variety and therefore the thermostat will not work in your case.

I have two a two wire system with hot water heating (boiler etc.) and everything is decidedly low voltage.

I very well could be mistaken then, I am just going off of the limited knowledge I have about them. I have had one in an apartment I lived in and they were high voltage.

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Yeah mine is definitely low voltage I can tell by the wiring and I have also found the transformer for the system but thank you taking the time to respond!

I can’t imagine why it would be a problem but who knows how these things are set up…

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White isi probably connecting to the basement relay
Red should be a low voltage supply from basement rely module.

Should be ok. but check with Wyze service.
You may need to add a C wire transformer or tap it from doir bell transformer