Wyze spamming promotional notifications even when turned off

I just got some trash spam promotional notification about Wyze doorbells from the app, even though I have promotional notifications turned off. What disrespectful crap is this? There is a setting for this that I specifically had to go turn off, yet we still get this crap? You can’t even do simple/key things like snooze notifications or integrations with ANYTHING else… and apparently can’t even read a setting to not send spam to your own users. Definitely not making me want to spend money on any more of your products… just makes me think even less of the company, products, and services than I already have come to lose due to lack of important features and integrations, or any updates about these things along the way. Let me know when you have API support or integration with another system… otherwise I could care less about your doorbells, wireless scales, or whatever else so stop notifying me about it.