Wyze Smoke/CO Detector

A suite of wireless fire detection would be awesome, but to cover a whole house this needs capability for smoke (with the option to toggle optical / heat) and co2, also have a relay module so the fire detection system can connect to a security alarm system for 3rd party monitoring. Aico makes a decent suite but it’s $120 for a single unit so $600+ to cover a house, and surely this could all be integrated into one unit with option to switch off the tech which is not needed (eg optical near a bathroom or garage).

Possible way to go might be to develop an improved version of Wyze cam’s smoke/co detection capabilities. For instance, if you could “train” a cam to detect your camera’s specific sounds, for instance. Exploiting AI in the cloud could make it very accurate to avoid false positives.

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It is necessary. Power may be out. Internet may be out. Your router maybe out. Alarm could be in meth head brother’s room on the other side of the house. Please build a smoke detector with dual sensor that is hardwired (battery only should not be used if you can avoid it) with interconnect support using existing wire or with wireless. But… if they can’t make one with < $40 price range, it may be a hard sell since the existing 10yr battery models with all the bells are selling for less.

Home security and automation systems are incomplete without smoke and CO detectors. All other major players provide this. The only reason why I haven’t subscribed to the monthly security system from WYZE is because my current one comes with fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, and indoor leaks/flood detectors.


I would love a smart smoke detector.


I would like to buy several (up to 10) of these but they would have to have a hardwire electrical connection in addition to battery backup.

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Would also need to have something similar to what Ring have, a device listening to real smoke/co detectors. Why? Because I don’t want to replace my existing detectors.
Yes, Wyze cam has this feature but it is not practical to install near detector(s) and it is not reliable enough to detect various alarm sounds of detectors.

Perhaps it could be a wired one if the wiring would be compatible with existing detectors?
In this way you would need to have only a couple of these because when one detector starts alarming it also triggers other detectors…also the Wyze detector and the alert would be sent to Noonlight.

Oh yeah, I was going to get Nest, but then Google screwed it up by limiting functionality. The I was going to get another top brand, but found out there’s no push notification.
So far, Wyze seems to do the right thing with its products, so I can’t wait for Wyze S/CO detector

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Looks like Xiaomi just came out with a smoke detector.

Hopefully they will open it up for white labeling soon and wyze can grab it.

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My biggest points of argument for the development of seperate detectors, maybe in addition to the sound activation the cameras are capable of, is that 1) I receive notifications when my NEIGHBORS detectors go off and 2) it is EXTREMELY helpful to know the specific detector that activated first to help rule out false alarm AND in offensive firefighting strategies it is helpful to know the potential starting point of a fire. 3) if a home has linked detectors, like mine, when one goes off they all do…if there is a smoldering attic/crawlspace fire, there may not be a smell or sign of smoke in the living spaces just yet, like in my case, when the cams detect an alarm they turn my thermostat off to stop smoke/fire from spreading.

Agreed. The lack of a smoke and co2 detector is the only thing keeping me from ditching my alarm.com security system for a wyze home monitoring system for my primary home. I put a wyze system in a rental property we have and would love to be able to add smoke detectors there as well.

What about a dedicated smoke alarm that send notifications and not just a notification from a camera because it hears the sound. I have an electric car charger in my garage, I put a smoke in alarm in the garage but my worst fear is that the charger heats up and starts a fire and because of the distance from the garage to my house I would never hear it.

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Wyze smoke / co2 alarm with camera and path light like Nest smoke alarm.


We can’t seriously consider switching to the Wyze security system until a smoke detector is an integral component (to continue getting a break on our insurance costs).


I would also buy a CO/Smoke detector.

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Just another vote for a smart smoke detector!




I would buy several smart home smoke detectors to add to my Wyze Eco system. A very logical extension to the HMS I just installed.

Would be awesome to have a Smoke detector connected to Home Assistant App, so that I can just tell it to stop beeping if I burn a bit of bread! Or to get a notification if am away from home.