Wyze Smoke/CO Detector

Some folks don’t seem to understand that in order to sell something as a fire alarm system, it has to be UL listed as a fire alarm system. This is a “life safety” listing, not the electrical safety rating that you might see on a toaster. It has very significant and stringent requirements for reliability, and is a difficult and time consuming listing to get. There is a very important reason for this.

This topic is a blend of requests that should be separated. The simplest (and most useful) request is to have the Cam Protect service call the fire department when a camera reports that a fire alarm is detected. The existing fire alarm system already meets UL, so this is just an added reporting feature for HOME alarms. Other requests are great, but much more complicated. The alarm sense already exists on the newer cameras AND it already will send a push to your phone. The only issue is potential liability if the system fails, and that can be handled with a waiver,

Wyze cameras that have the built-in smoke/monoxide detector should not be a replacement for dedicated smoke/monoxide detectors. I would prefer to have smoke/monoxide detectors linked to my Wyze alarm monitoring system without the need to place cameras in my house. Currently, the only way to have smoke/monoxide detectors with Wyze is by using a camera which is a privacy issue. Also, the Wyze cameras don’t actually have real smoke/monoxide detectors. All Wyze cameras do to detect smoke/monoxide is “listen” to real smoke/monoxide detectors that produce the loud alarm sound and when Wyze cameras hear that sound then the camera picks up on it. But again, Wyze cameras don’t actually detect smoke/monoxide. They only detect the alarm sound from real smoke/monoxide alarms which is a BIG problem and allows for error.

Bottom line other alarm companies have no problem selling dedicated smoke/monoxide detectors. The technology is very mature. Most likely the reason why Wyze hasn’t made them yet is because they want to sell you their cameras which gets you into buying their subscription packages to their cam pro plans. So it’s a money thing like everything is. Then again they still haven’t supported multiple pin codes for arming/disarming the alarm and that feature has been around since the dinosaurs for the other guys. :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:

The situation is not necessarily so black and white. From the experience I can tell that if you have several cameras and several interconnected smoke/co detectors around the house, the detection is almost 100% sure during the first seconds when you run the detector’s test cycle. In the real situation the smoke/co alert sound is continuous which would make the detection fire proof (no pun intended) in practice.
One thing what Wyze could provide is the capability to teach cameras to recognize the detector’s alert signals. Something similar to what Ring offers.

kudos! A dedicated and 100% sensitive sensor to primary trigger [that is to smoke and co] is a must, is very mature, and is without alternatives and a cam that ‘just listens for something else producing such alarms’ is an apology and no substitute for the real deal. What cannot be understood is why leave this sensor alone as a customer who opts for the monitoring package would certainly have smoke/CO concerns which is much more likely than burglary and far more consequential to their fortunes!!

Wyze Smoke and CO2 Alarms

I currently have a nest thermostat along with CO2 and smoke alarms, if Wyze created these, it would give me the option to go to all Wyze home safety products

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Apparently the certification, testing and process of producing a smoke/co alarm is a protracted and costly one for wyze as it seems to involve leaping many compliance, legal and standards/quality procedures/processes/hurdles. Looks like it will be quite a while, if at all. So now the ask is is there a third party product that is a ‘smoke/co alarm’ and not something that ‘listens’ for such alarms, that will 100% inter-operate with the wyze hub/monitoring service, which at least one wyze [indoor?] cam already does?

No. There aren’t any existing Smoke\CO detectors that are compatible to be integrated with the HMS. Wyze partnering with an existing provider of this type of product for future integration might be an alternative avenue for bringing these to market.

Question… Which Wyze Cam are you referring to that does this already? The Wyze Cam onboard functionality and integration into HMS for Smoke\CO detection are all adjacent “listening” devices.

I ended up purchasing smoke detectors from X-Sense who use the same notification service (NoonLight) as Wyze utilizes for their paid monitoring.

Do they provide a certificate to give to your home insurance?


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Please offer these products for some kind of true integration. I have paid for your service for almost two years now, expecting this to be a done deal by now… I’m considering other options now, and will cancel my Wyze monitoring if this doesn’t finally happen soon.

Has there been any updates is Smoke Detectors/CO Detectors will become a thing to integrate into the home monitoring. This is currently the main reason I stay with Simplisafe.

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Here is a snip of a recap of the recent reddit AMA with a bunch of folks from Wyze.

There was lots of good info talked about so I recommend visiting the AMA recap to see all the other news I was talked about.


They should have thought out the minimal set of complementary devices
before making a big move into the home monitoring space!

I hope for more expansion regarding home security. I think the addition of having smoke and carbon monoxide detectors would be fantastic. These could be included as part of the Sense collection to allow homeowners to feel more secure. Bluetooth/App capabilities could alert owner to threats even when they are not home to hear the traditional alarms as well as dispatch emergency response if needed. See “Google Nest Protect” for inspiration.

I think “REQUIRED” not fantastic. Wyse will not be considered a security player until they have a way to link existing home alarms into a central station.

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I have a paid home monitoring subscription. As others have said, besides wanting the ability to detect open doors, water leakage, etc. I want monitoring to be notified if my smoke/co detector is going off. I am not asking nor wanting a Wyze smoke/co detector as I would not trust a brand new product unless it is designed and built by First Alert or Kidde … so initially, can you develop a small device that detects smoke/co sound (like your cameras) that connects into the home monitoring service.


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The underlying mechanics for this functionality already exists. 5 cameras can be added to the HMS as Security Cameras. The settings within the HMS allow for the designation of these cams to alert you by push notification from the HMS, independant of the cam setting push notifications, if one detects the sound of a Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

What is missing is the connection of that alert to Noonlight for monitored intervention. Since it is able to be done with the Leak Sensors and the Climate Sensors, I wouldn’t think it would be too complicated to have these 5 cams also alert Noonlight.

However, since these are not themselves detectors, I would think it would be difficult convincing an insurance company that this constitutes fire and carbon monoxide monitoring.

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@SlabSlayer did a good job of explaining the current situation and the current detection functions by the cameras.

And i wish it was 100 % correct all the time, its not. I had a CO alarm notification from a camera the other day when i was away, and my wife was home. I called and asked and she said that no CO detector was sounding, it musta been a sound on the TV that set the camera off. :man_shrugging:

There is this wishlist also for consideration…

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