Wyze Sense - Time based Notification

Would it be possible to add an option for the Wyze sense contact sensor if it is left open after a certain time? For example, put a sensor on a window or door that and if the sensor is open past 9 pm to get a notification. It would help with making sure all windows and doors are closed before going to bed or leaving for work.


This would be accomplished by additional action step for the Shortcuts feature. You can vote for and comment on this at the topic below. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top:

I was just about to post the same question. It would be great to get time based alerts. I don’t need to know all day if a door is open and closed, but if a door is open after 9pm, I’d like to be notified.

The ability to turn on/off notifications for each sensor in Shortcuts has been implemented. This will let you turn on/off sensor notifications on a schedule. Please see the help info in the Support link, top right, for help on setting up Shortcuts.

I don’t want to turn on or off notifications. I want notifications always on. What I have is a sensor on windows and doors and some of them are in rooms that I don’t often go in so if I open the windows and doors because it is nice out. I would like to set something so that if the sensor is still open at 9 PM that I get a notification saying the window is open.

I do something similar to this with the Chamberlain garage app where if the garage door is open after 10 pm it automatically closes the garage door.

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I understand. A solution for this is in progress as indicated in the #roadmap topic (in development) below: